February 14, 2013

Sleek Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette


In the 'drugstore' bracket of make-up in the UK and Ireland, the Sleek Contour Kit has to have been one of the biggest hits of the last couple of years. It's a much-lauded, highly sought-after product - I remember when it first got very popular the summer before last, Sinéad and I traipsed through a zillion Superdrugs in London to find it, and to no avail! Happily the hype is justified in the case of the Contour Kit, and I use mine a lot. Well guess what, they've only gone and made it even better by adding a beautiful blush!



The Face Form Palette* isn't too much bigger than the original Contour Kit - it's still lovely and slim and make-up bag-friendly. The contour powder and highlighter are the same as the original, too - a matte, deep brown contouring shade and a pale, pale pink shimmer powder. The blush is very similar to Sleek's popular Rose Gold shade, but a touch pinker. It applies beautifully and works really well with the other shades - if you'e not big on sparkle, though, you mightn't want or need to use the highlighter in tandem with the blush. Either way, it's a well-thought-out palette that very few brands at any price level have produced.


Overall, I absolutely love this and have been using it almost daily. The shades are highly pigmented and easy to work with and I would be happy to pay well over the RRP of €13 for them. If you're in Ireland and looking to get your hands on some Sleek, both Cloud10Beauty and Beauty Emporium stock the brand - Cloud10Beauty sent me this palette - and both accept Laser and ship super-fast! I totally recommend this and am now making it my mission to get my hands on one of their blush palettes!

Are you a fan of Sleek make-up?


  1. Sleek can never disappoints me <3 Lovely post x

  2. I need to replace my mac contour duo & live out in the sticks, shame the highlighter is a shimmer would have been all over that otherwise.

  3. I just bought the Sleek contour kit last month and I really love it x

  4. what shade is this? Light or fair?


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