February 22, 2013

Max Factor Clump Defy

When I first started dabbling in make-up, maybe around age 11 or 12, my mam was quite particular about what passed. A clear lipgloss and a dot of concealer were about the only tools afforded to me and she was adamant that I would only wear brown mascara. "You're too fair for black," she'd say, "It'll look more natural," she assured. Ironically, she had no issues with body glitter!

As you can imagine, as an image-conscious pre-teen, I didn't want to look natural. I wanted to be tall and blonde and tanned; basically everything I wasn't. I eventually got my way and traded the brown mascara for black and I quickly grew out of that phase of wanting to be something I wasn't. But, the black mascara stayed for the next 11 years and I have never looked back...u
ntil recently that is! For you see, a delivery from Max Factor of their new Clump Defy* (€13.99) mascara catapulted me back to a time where it wasn't a party until I had my body glitter on, to a time where I hid foundation and other beauty contraband in my coat pockets, ready to slap it on as soon as I was out of my mother's eye line!

The curved, plastic wand was the first nostalgic kicker as one of my first ever mascaras boasted a similar wand and I loved it. Then I realised I had been sent the shade Black Brown and let out a giggle; after all this time and all my resistance, brown mascara had crept it's way back into my life!

Max Factor Clump Defy is from their False Lash Effect range of mascaras (same as Cover Girl Lash Blast FYI) and this is a line I have a lot of love for. The newest addition promises to add volume to lashes and keep them separated and clump-free. The wand is closely packed with stubby plastic bristles, the type that hurt if they catch your eyelid, and reminds me more of a comb than of a standard mascara wand.

The stiff comb effect of the wand is what keeps lashes free of clumps but, it also keeps them free of product build-up which isn't what I generally look for in a mascara. I like my eyelashes to be dark, thick and voluminous. Clump Defy makes them look groomed and natural. 

Don't get me wrong though, I have been wearing this almost everyday for over a month now and I am really starting to favour the natural look. The brown is a nice option for daytime and I like how my eyes still look defined and awake without being overly made-up. Over 11 years later Mam and, dare I say it, you were right...!


  1. It would had been more awesome if you posted swatches too :) <3

    1. I did have swatches but, unfortunately my computer crashed before they were uploaded to our photo host so, I lost them. As I mentioned though, it really looks quite natural on me, just darker than my lashes so, the swatches weren't anything special!

  2. Good review, I just bought the Maybelline Rocket Volume Express mascara but honestly it was between the 2. I really only lent towards the Maybelline one for the bright packaging haha.



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