February 12, 2013

Clarins Rouge Éclat - Spring 2013

Spring collections are the best. As a pale person, I'm not always drawn to the bronzer-centric collections of high summer, but the fresher, colourful collections of spring are usually a hit with me. Clarins Rouge Éclat is no exception as it's a fairly typical spring make-up edit with an emphasis on rosey pinks and soft, taupe smokey eyes.

We're so, so lucky to receive the amount of make-up samples that we do. With all of these beautiful pieces coming in the post, it can be very easy to ooh and ahh over the stuff a little too much, and perhaps get a bit carried away with praising how pretty everything is. With that in mind, I've trialled these products for a couple of weeks, and I'm going to do my best to break it all down for you in this post as honestly and objectively as I can. My aim is never to recommend something that isn't worth the money!



First up, the mineral eyeshadow quartet (€40) is a chic gold compact comprised of three shades ideal for doing a smokey eye, along with a purple accent colour. Now I'll say straight away that these colours aren't for me and, if I was buying an eyeshadow quad, I wouldn't pick them.  My eyes are quite pale blue and I feel like these colours kind of wash them out. I think if your eyes are a darker blue, green or hazel this would be a great shade selection!

The pigmentation on these isn't top notch - they're a bit hard to blend, and you can use these wet as they're mineral shadows, but for €40, I would expect more. The packaging is beautiful and it's a very well-presented palette, but the quality of the eyeshadows themselves lets this down somewhat.


Clarins regularly release these blush/powder hybrid compacts as part of collections, and I have to admit, I'm not sold on them. I feel bad for coming down so hard on these products, but I don't want any of you to go out and buy this with a false endorsement either.  It's a lovely product, but not quite as amazing when you consider that it costs €37.

Similar to the eyeshadows, it's embossed with a gorgeous iris design and, blended together, comes out as a light peachy-pink blush shade. One reason why I'm not mad on this is simply because I like to keep my powder and blush separate; I also don't feel like this is easy to work with compared to my other blushes. Although it does look nice on and I will use it, it's not something I would advise you to run out and buy unless you prefer a sheer and subtle blush, or if you're into collectors' items!


Back to the positive now - I have a lot of love for Clarins lip products. Even their Gloss Prodige lip glosses are non-drying and comfortable to wear - this one in the shade Vibrant Rose is no exception. It's a bright fuschia with shimmer but you can sheer it out a little if you don't want fullon colour. I pretty much never wear lip gloss, so this will be going in the pile for my aunties, cousins and friends, but I can definitely recommend Clarins lip gloss as one of the least sticky and most comfortable to wear glosses that I have tried to date, which makes them worth the €17.50 price tag if you are a gloss girl!


The Rouge Éclat lipstick in Sweet Rose is the perfect daytime light pink for me. I find these kind of shades quite difficult to wear so I was surprised at how much I love this! The consistency of Rouge Éclat is high on pigment without being drying; they're wonderfully creamy, wear well and feel extremely comfortable. I've been reaching for this a lot during the day - it's a top quality, beautifully packaged lipstick which justifies the high-end price tag of €23.


Finally, the absolute star of this collection for me is the Mineral Loose Powder* (€38). It's probably the most finely milled setting powder I've ever used; it applies beautifully and sets make-up without an overly matte finish. If you like to retain a partial glow this is a beautiful powder to seal your base. It doesn't have as much coverage as my holy grail Laura Mercier powder, but it is €12 cheaper and I've used it pretty much exclusively since I received it, so I guess it's love!

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  1. Why is it just SO pretty....This collection is following me everywhere I go!


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