February 26, 2013

Citrus Scents: Current Body Products


I've said this before and I've said it again: blogging has done so much for me and brought me so many positives, but it has also turned me into a ridiculously high-maintenance person. I used to never be very fussy about shower gels and body creams, but now I love trying out new ones, and have a particular weakness for body butters. I freak out if I don't moisturise post-shower and am also extremely fussy about what kind of shower gel I use... first world problems, eh?!


My current body butter of choice has only been in my posession for about a week and a half, but, already I know it's love. I like a lot of Soap and Glory products but some are a bit too sweet for me - luckily, the limey-citrus kick of Sugar Crush Body Buttercream stops it from being too much. To me, it smells like lime cheesecake! It's also one of the most moisturising body butters I've ever tried, and you don't need to use much at a time, so it's a good price at €15 for 300ml.


The Body Shop's shower gels are a favourite of mine, so when they were on offer for €4.95 last week, I made sure to snap one up. I had to force myself not to buy my favourite (Pink Grapefruit) and try another one. Luckily for me, the Satsuma scent is amazing - it really fills up the shower and makes me feel very summery and tropical even though we're only at the end of February!


Speaking of tropical scents, to me the Roger and Gallet Fleur d'Osmanthus Body Oil* smells like one thing, and that is summer holidays. This is such an uplifting, luxurious and summery scent - give it a sniff next time you're in a pharmacy and I promise you will be hooked. This is a dry oil that I use on both my skin and hair. The bottle lasts forever, the spray mechanism ensures there is no mess and the oil itself is fantastic quality. It's non-greasy and sinks in fast leaving your skin hydrated and your hair silky smooth - I can see this becoming a summer staple if I manage to get away to a hot country this year!


Finally, another body oil I've bee using is the Pixy Cellulite Body Oil*. Is it just me that sees the irony in the bumpy bottle?! Anyhow, I don't think that any body product is really going to do anything for cellulite, and this one is no different, but I have been enjoying it as a hydrating body oil nonetheless. The lemon/lime scent is really zingy and refreshing, and my skin feels divine after slathering this on. I do take issue with the packaging as it is near impossible to close with greasy hands - a pump or spray top would be so much better. A lovely product apart from the bottle!


  1. I don't own any body shop products but after reading this post i think i really what to get one of these body butters to test out. thanks for the informative review.visit:

  2. Omg I didn't know the cellulite oil had a scent! Now I definitely need it :P Anything with a citrus scent has to come home with me. I adore lime scented products

  3. I love citrus scents and would like to try more body shop products, thanks for the review :)



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