February 11, 2013

Butter London Sweetie Shop Collection

While we don't usually post on events so soon after they happen, the recent launch for Butter London's Sweet Shop collection for spring 2013 was too bloody adorable to put off! Inspired by the 1950s, Sweetie Shop includes six shades of soft and pretty pastels; think candyfloss, milkshakes and macarons!

I have three of the six shades (All of the shades will be at the end of the post!); Fiver, a minty seafoam green, Molly Coddled, a pink-toned lavender and Fruit Machine, a bright Pepto pink. All of the shades in the collection are a crème formula and are almost entirely opaque in one coat however, two coats gives a perfect even and glossy finish.

Having seen the whole collection at the event, my top picks are Kerfuffle, Cuppa and Molly Coddled. In fact, I have repainted my nails twice with Molly Coddled since the event last Thursday!

 Speaking of the event, we don't generally do "Behind the Scenes" pictures as we know it's a bit pointless and annoying for readers but, this particular event was so well thought out and put together that I wanted to share it with you!

Butter London polishes retail for €15 and are available from Avoca, Harvey Nichols, Beauty Matters, Millies and The Loop.


  1. These are so freaking cute! I love the candy shades. I really want to try out some of these polishes, I need to find somewhere to get them in Aus.

    Jessi in Wonderland

  2. The colours are so pretty! Especially the lilac one :)

  3. Great shades! I don't like pastels cuz they tend to streak, but these look awesome!

  4. Oh Molly Coddled is so pretty, I can barely look at it x

  5. these are beautiful! I can't even pick a favourite :) amazing x

  6. It was a great event! with great polishes! :) x

  7. I am loving kerfuffle at the moment :-) great pics xx

  8. They are sooo cute! I'm loving the look of fiver, I'm a sucker for anything mint green. Is it spring yet!


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