February 05, 2013

Beauty Lessons

Blogging, reading other blogs and watching copious amounts of YouTube beauty videos has taught me a multitude over the last few years. These tips and tricks, combined with a lot of personal trial and error, have taught me plenty of lessons and rules that I stick to today, so here are four that I think most of you will find useful! Some are more 'obvious' than others but are, in my opinion at least, well worth keeping in mind day-to-day. I hope you'e all paying attention!!

1. I don't *need* a heavy foundation, and neither do most people.

If you watch makeup videos on YouTube, especially ones that are made by makeup artists, you'll be familiar with this one. The likes of Mary Greenwell and Charlotte Tilbury seem to use a light-to-medium base on everyone, and the finished look is always perfection. 

I used to be a full-coverage junkie and, looking back, I don't think it did much for me at all. My skin isn't great; I get spots and have a lot of big pores and scarring, but going straight in with a full-coverage foundation isn't the best way to fix that. It's much better to spot conceal and increase the wear time of a light-to-medium foundation with a good quality loose powder.

2. Tinted lip balms are my best friend.

I love lipstick. I worship the stuff, but I think I definitely have gone overboard with it in the past. Realistically, wearing a heavy lipstick all day, every day isn't good for me, both aesthetically and also physically for my lips. I've been switching it up over the last couple of months with sheer lipsticks, lip tints, and my very favourite - tinted lip balms. 

They're such a basic product - something that we all probably have in our stash, and, most likely overlook 99% of the time. They give a 'my lips but better' effect and a rosy tint that (for me anyway) goes with any kind of eye look and works really well for everyday. I love how slapping one of these on keeps me looking polished and also takes care of my kisser! 

I've been addicted to the Korres Lip Butter Stick for months now, and I've also more recently made room in my make-up bag for the Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balms. Both are great products and I guarantee that if you give them a shot, you'll probably get far more use out of them than you would out of the latest must-have 'natural' lipstick.

3. SPF is essential.

I'm 23 so, in skincare terms, still at the 'preventative' stage in anti-ageing speak. I've heard over and over again not only about the severe damage that sun exposure can do to the skin, but also about how consistent, daily use of some form of sun protection is essential if you're looking to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from cropping up prematurely. 

With that in mind, I always use a moisturiser with a decent SPF, and during the summer often amp it up to a dedicated fluid with a higher factor. Most of you will already know that La Roche-Posay Hydraphase UV is my moisturiser of choice (SPF 20). I also love the Vichy Capital Soleil Dry Touch SPF 50 for more heavy-duty screening, and actually only recently recommended it to a friend who's just moved to Australia for a year.

4. Serum is a lifesaver.

Hydrating serums have changed my skin for the better and I think they will do the same for most people. They've brightened my skin, improved its texture, and helped prevent it from drying out this winter. All skin types, from dry to oily, can benefit from a good hydrating serum. While I have enjoyed most of the serums I've tried, Vichy and Nuxe's offerings are my firm favourites.

What beauty lessons have you learned over the years?


  1. Great review, I'm another convert to Korres I'm obsessed with their lip butters at the moment!

    1. They're so brilliant, one of the best quality lip balms I've ever used!

  2. Great post, I think I'll get the LRP moisturiser. I've been on the lookout for a day one with an SPF.

    1. Thanks Nicola, it's a great moisturiser!

  3. Nodding along as usual, especially about the heavy foundation thing! Was such a revelation for me after using MaxFactor Panstick so heavily through my early teens! Those were the days...:)

    1. Haha I used to be obsessed with MAC Studio Fix - the liquid and the powder! Totally unnecessary!

  4. Great Post, I think that my Burts Bees Tinted Balm in Tiger Lilly was the only lip balm that I have used to the very end. They usually get lost when I get bored of them.

  5. Great tips! I have been loving tinted lip balms recently.


  6. Hey!
    Great post, l like that about non heavy foundation, a lot of makeup gurus are like wear full make up for 24/7, and thats so wrong.

    And i agree about SPF, it is must have :)


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