January 17, 2013

Pixy Rose Cleansing Mud


You might have read previous posts mentioning Pixy Natural on this blog - if not, they're basically a natural cosmetics company, akin to Lush, with a wide array of skin and bath products. This post is about my absolute favourite product that I've tried from the brand so far - read on to hear more about it!

Pixy's Rose Cleansing Mud is a total gem of a skincare product. I've been using in since just before Christmas, and can say with conviction that it has really helped my skin to stay clear and less oily over the last few weeks. When I started using this, the main product I had in my head comparison-wise was Lush's Solid Cleansers (there are many different ones - my favourites are Aqua Marina and Dark Angels). What these products all have in common is that they are gentle-to-harsh exfoliants made up of natural, skin-friendly ingredients. I've always loved this kind of product, but I disagree with them being labelled as 'cleansing' products, as I'd never use them to take off make-up, or even as a daily face wash, really.

Now, this is partially also because I am a fussy bitch skincare-wise, but I do think that 'cleansing mud' isn't the ideal description for this product. Don't get me wrong, I love the stuff, but to me, this is an exfoliating, deep skin treatment and not really just a 'cleansing' one. I often use it before a shower, by rubbing it all over my face to combat dead skin, and then leaving it on for a couple of minutes (not very long) as a kind of mask to let the mud really do it's thing on my skin - see the damning evidence below! When I've rinsed and dried my face, it feels really soft, comfortable and smooth with no tightness or dryness.


So, there you have it - that's what I do with this stuff and what it does for me. I think that this would work for almost any skin except if you are really dry, and I really recommend it if you have an oily skin type that you're struggling to rebalance. Using this has definitely reduced the oil in my skin without dehydrating it and I think it's a fantastic product. Best still, it's €9.95 - very affordable and a much better and smarter buy than a lot of the synthetic exfoliators and face masks that are on the cheaper end of the skincare market.


  1. I've been loving cleansing masks right now too. Lately, I've been using Ahava Purifying mud mask and it also leaves my skin feeling quite soft and smooth upon rinsing <3

  2. I tried the original version of this product and loved it, I am liking the look of this though as it isn't as grainy, looks a lot smoother on the skin. Great to see so many Irish skincare brands!

  3. hahaha love the 76888849993 bottles in the background


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