January 09, 2013

My Shower Caddy

I still live at home and share a bathroom with my sisters so, quite often, we will share things like shampoo, conditioner, bodywash etc. However, for things like razors, scrubs, hair oils and bits I'm testing I prefer to ferry them back and forth to the bathroom for fear that they get grabbed by accident and used up. I was recently changing out the contents of my little shower caddy and resolved to show you what I am currently using, enjoying and what I recommend.

Before I even step in the shower, I will use the Emjoi Micro Pedi on my feet at least once a week. I walk a lot, as well as go to the gym so, my poor feet get quite battered and I feel like they look better (if feet can ever really look decent, ugh!) when I give them a little bit of pampering. I really recommend this gadget, especially for summertime!

The shampoo and conditioner are newbies from Herbal Essences. You might remember that I was using the John Frieda Volume range and absolutely loving it and I will repurchase that but, I wanted to try out the Herbally Ever After* range. This is a limited edition release to celebrate the brand's 40 years and is meant to conjure up ideas of romance and fairytales with scents of Royal Jasmine and Sea Palm Extract. I'm really enjoying both the shampoo and conditioner (RRP €5.25 each) and like the way the scent lingers in my hair!

Hanging on to the last vestige of Christmas I have been using up some of the festive LUSH goodies I received earlier this year. The Sandy Santa* has proven itself to be an amazing scrub and, as someone who suffers with KP on their arms, it's rare that I can say that about an exfoliator. My skin feels so smooth and moisturised after use which is amazing. I wish that they would put this in a tub (as the current packaging sucks!) and sell it all year round.

For shaving, I am still using the Gilette Venus Pro Skin Sensitive* razor blades and have been using some of my conditioner in the place of shaving cream as I ran out and haven't been bothered to replace it yet. To be honest though, I find anything like conditioner or even a creamy body wash works well to soften the hairs and allow the blades to glide across the skin, without having to buy another product.

The current hair treatment I am using is the Kérastase Cristaliste Luminous Perfecting Essence. This was a cast-off from my mam and, honestly, I'm not too fond of it either. I find that it makes the ends of my hair feel heavy which I don't like. I will use it up as it smells nice and I am actively trying to get through products but, I wouldn't repurchase.

The final step in my routine is to moisturise my skin and, while this product seems to change on a weekly basis, my firm favourite remains The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter. Ultra-nourishing, quick-drying and smelling divine, I love it and can't recommend the range enough. If I have shaved my legs, I have been using the Wax in the City Body Lotion* to sooth and protect the skin.

So, that's my current shower routine! Do you have a little caddy for all your stuff?


  1. I'm in college atm so I have a little shower caddy and I just got the same shampoo and conditioner last week (waiting for my current ones to be used up) and can't wait to try them, they smell unreal so I'm glad to hear the scent lingers.


  2. The official website of is lunched now. You can get emjoi micro pedi from there in very cheap rate. You can also join the club micro pedi to get more discount on refills etc.


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