January 22, 2013

More Hydrating Serums: Hydraluron & Vichy


Without a doubt, my best skincare discovery of the last year or so has to have been hydrating serums. They've helped me rebalance and rehydrate my dehydrated and oily skin type, resulting in  a more even and healthy-looking complexion. The freezing weather has really hit us hard this week, and I think that this type of skincare product is invaluable when it comes to preventing skin from drying out. I've tried plenty of serums at this stage - Nuxe (€34), Clarins (€45) and La Roche-Posay (€23) among them, and today I'm talking about two more!

First up is the famed Hydraluron. I'm honestly in a quandary when it's come to the product. It's rare that I am this confused when reviewing an item, but honestly, I don't know if it's great or just okay, or if I'd recommend it to all of you.

Like a zillion other beauty bloggers, I was sucked in by the hype and mania that built up over this product after Caroline Hirons, skincare expert extraordinaire, declared her love for it. In short, it contains a very pure form of hydraluronic acid and comes in a clear gel formal. People have been raving about this, saying that the hydration it gives not only plumps up the skin, but smoothes lines, helps scarring and prevents non-hormonal breakouts. Me? I'm still not so sure. I definitely like it and it keeps me hydrated and happy, but I don't think I'd buy it again, as it's very dear (€30 for 30ml).

I think that my age and skin type were why this product didn't blow me away. I'd been using similar serums before this and didn't notice any major improvement. I don't have any lines for it to smooth out, and my skin isn't dry to the point of flakiness (I know that Sinéad was really happy with how quickly it got rid of a stubborn dry patch on her face). So, maybe give this a shot if you are a bit older and have drier skin than me, but I still think it is overpriced and that there are great serums out there for less money. Furthermore, even if I was to spend €30 or so on a skincare product again, I'd probably go for the Nuxe one over this for my skin type. Keep this one as a last resort for moisture-starved skin, I'd say!


I have a shorter and, well, more positive review of Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum* (€22.50). In short, I really like it a lot, the price point is good, and it's one that I'd go back to happily. This product claims to do a lot of evening-out, brightening and hydrating - not a million miles away from Hydraluron, eh? Plus, it's €7.50 cheaper.

This is a milky, viscous liquid serum which sinks in fast and leaves my skin feeling comfortable, matte yet hydrated. It's a great base for make-up and a great all-round product - you could use it under moisturiser or alone, and in the morning or evening. The price is fair and the quality is great - this is definitely one of my favourite serums that I've tried so far, and I think that I'd choose this over Hydraluron any day. The entire Aqualia line from Vichy is great, and I'd recommend this serum to all of you - regardless of age or skin type, I think that most people will enjoy this!



  1. Interesting review, and reflects exactly how I've been feeling about Hydraluron! Can be so difficult to know with skincare....I should give the Vichy one a go next!

  2. Great post, I love how you give a very honest & balanced approach to it. I'm not familiar with the Vichy serum but I have used Hydraluon. I love it a lot but it's definitely the hyaluronic acid in here that's working for me. I guess it all depends whether your skin is lacking in hyaluronic or not to benefit from. I am using another hyaluronic acid serum at the moment from a different brand (similar price though) and its working just as well as Hydraluron.
    You've got me intrigued to try the Vichy serum now though too :)

  3. The vichy one sounds great! I have really dry skin and it can make base products look really cakey and patchy on my skin so it sounds like just the thing for me to use under moisturiser :) x

  4. I definatly need too look into something along these lines
    Charli @


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