January 21, 2013


If you read my January Wishlist, you'll know that I was looking to change-up my foundation routine and had my eye on some products from Bobbi Brown and Vichy to do just that. I finally placed an order last week from House of Fraser and, amazingly, it arrived within two days of ordering so, I wanted to update you all on what I am currently using for my foundation and base routine and how I'm finding the products.


I had heard a lot about the Bobbi Brown Extra Tinted Moisturising Balm, first from Dara of Belle Du Jour NYC and then from Estée of EssieButton. Both of these girls have incredible taste in products and their rave reviews had me intrigued to try it.

As the name suggests, this foundation has a balm formula. It is an extremely thick, almost solid cream that is more reminiscent of a heavy moisturiser than any foundation I have ever seen or tried. It is intended as a hydrating product for very dry skin and, as I have largely normal skin, I wasn't sure how well it would sit on my skin. However, I am happy to report that I love, love, LOVE this product. It takes a bit of getting used to at first as it is so thick but, it blends into the skin like a dream, looks dewy and leaves the skin feeling incredibly smooth and even.

Coverage is medium, I would say. A little goes a long way and I have worn this both during the day and at night and really like the finish and effect (though it does contain SPF 25 so, don't wear it when you plan on taking pictures!). I feel like the overall finish is a "second skin" effect and, despite the ultra-hydrating nature of the formula, would work for most skins except, perhaps, those which are extremely oily.


If you've been checking in with us for awhile now, you will know that I had an awful battle trying to find the right concealer for my skin. After much hassle, I eventually fell in love with the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer and Corrector and have hit pan on both. So, when I heard that the brand had reformulated, repackaged and re-released their Tinted Eye Brightener, I was dying to try it. 

Effectively, it does the same as the Correcter, brightening and neutralising darkness under the eye area. However, I prefer it over the Corrector for two reasons; the formula is more viscous and requires less pulling and tugging at the eye area and the packaging and doefoot applicator make it much easier and more hygienic to use than the pot. 

Once I have applied the Tinted Eye Brightener, I conceal lightly under the eye using the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer. I have spoken about this before and I still love it unconditionally! For spots, I have been working with the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage concealer. This is a tough, tacky formula which doesn't do well under the eyes or in large areas but, will literally erase any spots from sight when applied sparingly and carefully! 


Of all my new products, I think I am most excited about this Vichy Dermablend powder. It is absolutely revolutionary in my eyes. It is a super finely-milled translucent powder which sets and holds make-up like nothing I have ever tried. It's around €20 for the pot so, a good bit cheaper than the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural and Laura Mercier Looser Mineral Foundation (both of which I still love) and a little goes a long way. I think what sold this for me was the fact that it prevented my glasses from rubbing the foundation away on the bridge of my nose, one of my major beauty hang-ups! 

So, that's what I'm currently using as my day-to-day foundation routine! I am still in that honeymoon phase where I am excited to use my new make-up and it makes getting out of bed in the morning so much easier! 


  1. Excellent selection Sinead! I'm intrigued by the Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturising Balm as my skin has become dry and flaky lately, but I still get oily breakthrough on my T-zone. Do you reckon a good powdering would keep that at bay, or should I just steer clear?

    1. Thanks Kat! I'd say the Balm would definitely come into it's own on dry and flaky skin so it may be worth trying. I would personally still powder though with something like the Vichy above which is really light and can be pressed into the skin rather than just sitting atop any flakes of skin!

  2. Great read. Really interested in the Vichy powder. Currently spending €30 every 2 months on a very effective but small powder from Artdeco.

    1. I would definitely recommend it, €30 every two months is very expensive...I would say ill get a good 6 months out of this

  3. I really want to try some Bobbi Brown make up especially the concealers. I have just discovered your blog and have been reading the archives. I am a new follower :)


    1. Thanks so much Laura, welcome aboard! I definitely rate the BB concealers above all others!


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