December 04, 2012

Viva Irish: Tan Organic


It just occurred to me when I was preparing to write this that we’ve been doing these Viva Irish posts for well over a year now, so hooray for that! If you want to look at more products of Irish origin, go ahead and have a browse here.

Now, on to the product in question. I think that most of us will have heard of Tan Organic at this stage, as it’s been around for a while and has already been quite a success - the USP here is that it's the only fake tan in the world to carry the Ecocert label, meaning it truly is an organic product. Impressive or what?! The first thing that stuck me about this when it was sent out to me was how fancy the bottle is. It’s made from dark, heavy glass and looks quite well on my bathroom shelf.


I feel like I often repeat myself doing these fake tan reviews. I always say that I think pretty much every false tan (apart from instant ones) will smell, as they contain the chemical DHA – so I am automatically sceptical when a tan claims to be odourless.

I’ll say it now – this hardly smells at all, and I am quite sensitive to the smell of fake tan, as I don’t use as part of my regular routine. So, if you’re a bit of a tanorexic, I think that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the lack of odour from this product. Application-wise. I found this stuff to be really pleasant and easy to use. The spray top on the bottle delivers a really fine, even mist, and the formula is super-easy to blend and dries into the skin very fast without leaving it feeling tight or dry.


I left it to develop overnight, and when I woke up the next day, I was totally delighted for more than one reason. As I’ve already mentioned, I was over the moon about the minimal odour (this is due to the vegetable-derived DHA), and I was also really pleased with how nicely the product had developed on my skin. When I showered, it looked even better – just a natural, believable-looking glow that didn’t clash with my natural skintone.

After a few days, I didn’t even really notice it wearing off, which I took to be a great sign as it meant that the tan was fading evenly without any tell-tale patchiness. I’ve tried a ton of tans at this stage, and I’ve liked a lot of them, but I think that this is my pick of the bunch. It’s easy, pleasant and stress-free to use from start to finish, and the fact that it’s an Irish product is a brilliant bonus!

The only drawback with Tan Organic is that at €19.99, it is not very cheap. However, I can say that I think it’s worth the money, especially as most mainstream tanning brands retail at the same price point. I’d recommend it to anyone, ecpecially those with dry skin, as it felt a lot less drying and more nourishing on my skin than other tans. 

Do you have a favourite fake tan?



  1. I still have to find my HG fake tan. The ones I've tried so far were alright, but they were not convincing enough to repurchase.

    1. This one is well worth a shot, I've been recommending it to everyone!

  2. Yay for irish products :)I know you have pale skin, so I'd like to ask if this is orange-y? I never ever use fake tan but I would like a nice light glow over the party season! :)

    1. Hi Ash, it's really not, especially if you have a shower the morning after application. It gives a really nice healthy glow x


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