December 11, 2012

China Glaze Puttin' on the Glitz Set


I feeli like I definitely begin every post about nail polish with the same preamble about how I own a stupid amount of the stuff, but it really is true. I enjoy them far too much to ever give up buying them, but I have cut down quite a bit recently. Rather than just buying every colour that I like the look of on a whim, I've been trying to mostly buy Essie shades that I love. One blip did occur last month, though, when I paid a rare visit to Sally's and was faced with all of their Christmas stock. Honestly, I could have bought a ton more - the sets were on 3 for 2 - so I am quite satisfied with myself for sticking to just the one. Plus, at €12.99, it was decent value for money, right?!

This set is, at first glance, a fairly typical and slightly cheesy take on Christmas colours. However, after wearing all of the shades more than once, I can say happily that I love them all and would wear all of them well outside of the festive season. Another positive point is that there is no dud shade here. This is probably also down to my own taste, as I picked this set because glitters and reds are my favourite types of nail polish - but sure, who doesn't love them?! Now, on to the shades!

L-R: Glistening Snow, Merry Berry, Pizzazz, Cranberry Splash
LR: Cranberry Splash, Pizzazz, Merry Berry, Glistening Snow

Cranberry Splash is a shade that I like way, way more than I thought I ever would. I'd always considered metallic reds to be somewhat tacky, but this one actually looks, dare I say it, classy on the nails! The metallic shimmer is super-fine, barely detectable, and it lasts incredibly well on me. I think I'll be rocking this one on Christmas Day, I love it that much!


Pizzazz is pretty much the mother of all glitters, especially layered up like in the swatch I did. It's bloody beautiful and I love all of the colours in it, especially the magenta pieces. One of the most amazing glitter polishes that I own for sure!


Merry Berry is a gorgeous reddish-winey berry shade that is bang on trend. If you're a fan of the oxblood shade that's been, well, everywhere for the last few months, you'll really like this. It's a great formula and lasted on my nails without chipping for three days - I'm really hard on my hands, so that was pretty good going!


Finally, Glistening Snow was the dark horse of the bunch for me - yes, I did just describe a nail polish as a 'dark horse', I'm sorry. Anyway, I really didn't think I needed another silver glitter in my life but, you see, this one is very special and different! The holographic glitter is really finely milled (kinda like snow, geddit), and it looks pretty spectacular on the nails. Oh, and it lasted me nearly a week on the nails!

What are your favourite nail polishes for this time of year?


  1. Love those colours! Where did you buy them?x

    1. Hi I got them in my local Sally's!

    2. Sorry Có it'ts a salon supply type shop but they sell to anyone. There's one on Drury St in Dublin and out in Bray as well I think x

  2. I need this set. I love them all. Cranberry splash is especially beautiful

    1. It really is, I was take aback by it :)

  3. Where can I buy this set? It's so pretty! Definitely a stocking filler x

    1. Hey Carol you can get it in Sally's or on x

  4. Ooh these are all such pretty colours!

  5. I like the glittery silver multi colour one but the rest are just so...normal? Wish they had something a little more different


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