December 12, 2012

2: Empties

I know that empties posts can be quite divisive so, I have tried to put some space between them so as not to alienate those of you who don't like them. However, I do find them quite helpful for revisiting old products, updating you on products I have mentioned before and giving mini reviews on bits I have yet to feature. You can read my first empties post here

Batiste Dry Shampoo: I can't be without dry shampoo. Whether its for refreshing my hair or giving curls a tousled, undone look, it's always in my beauty line-up and Batiste is one of my favourites.

Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser: I bought this to use with my Clarisonic and loved it. The foaming nature of the cleanser is ideal for getting a really deep clean and it is definitely a product I will revisit again once I have gone through my current stash of facewash!

Dove Original Deoderant: Boring, I know, but, this deoderant is my current choice. It smells really light and fresh and doesn't irritate my skin. It also works really well at controlling perspiration, even in the gym!

Botanics Soothing Eye Make-Up Remover: My heart is broken over finishing this product as it has since  been reformulated and is just not the same. I'm currently using a Vichy bi-phase (oil-based) eye make-up remover and, while it's great, it's just not a patch on the Botanics offering.

LUSH Shower Gels*: I had heard a lot about It's Raining Men shower gel and, while I did like it, I wasn't so crazy about it that I would buy it again. Ponche, on the other hand, is a gorgeously rich a warming scent that is perfect for this time of year and I would buy this by the bucket load if I could! Think of it as my Snow Fairy!

Clarisonic Original Brush Head: You're all probably sick to death of hearing me fawn over my Clarisonic Mia. It is, hands down, the single best beauty product I bought in 2012. It has revolutionised my skin and made me fall in love with skincare all over again. The Original brush head is perfect for daily use and, I got about 5 months out of this head before I felt it needed to be changed. Review 1/2/3

Fresh Sugar Lip Balm: I am a lip balm fiend and have always wanted to try the Fresh Sugar lip balms. However, when I visited Sephora and saw that one tube was around $25, I just couldn't justify it. So, imagine how delighted I was to get two mini Fresh Sugar balms as a free gift. I used this up over around 3 months and can't speak highly enough of how delicious it smells or how slick and moisturising it is. Love it.

OPI Nail Envy Matte: I scraped every last gloopy dreg from this bottle. This is the only nail treatment that I really find strengthens and hardens my nails. The matte finish makes it an ideal base for nail polish and I can't wait to get another bottle as my poor nails are crying out for it!


  1. Definitely not sick of hearing about Clarisonic! Have been thinking of buying one for over a year now, maybe 2013 is the year I buy it?! Thank you for all the reviews :)

  2. Batiste is definitely one of my favorite dry shampoo too - I also like those from Cake and got2b! Ponche reminds me a bit of Glögg, which I'm trying to use up before the end of the winter by using it every single day x


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