November 05, 2012

My Essie Collection

This post was initially supposed to be on my entire nail polish collection and storage. However, when I actually dragged out all my boxes of polish and started to photograph them, I realised that I had way more than I thought, around 120, and that the post would be too long and too picture-heavy! So, I decided just to start off by showing you my ever-growing Essie collection as these are my current favourite polishes and you can let me know in the comments if you would like to see the rest of my collection in future posts!

My Essie collection isn't exactly massive but, considering that it's grown by around 75% in the last few months, I would say it is safe to say I have something verging on an obsession! I bought the majority of the shades in New York this past summer (See here) as Essie isn't too widely available here. I did receive Chocolate Kisses, Very Structured and Lady Like as press samples while the second bottle of Ballet Slippers was given to me at this year's L'Oréal Colour Trophy Awards.
It does strike me as a bit odd that I am so, shall we say, enamoured with one particular brand. Usually when I obsess over a beauty product, it is a general category, like lipstick, as opposed to a specific brand. However, Essie just makes me happy. From the bottles (I prefer the newer ones with the white font FYI) with their chunky glass bodies and sleek white caps to the slimmer-than-average brush, perfect for those of us cursed with poor nail beds and small nails, I have a hard time finding fault with any aspect of the brand.
Thankfully, the brand is becoming more widely available in Ireland and not before time. Boots currently stock the diffusion line, as do Superdrug but, you are paying for the privilege instant gratification as a bottle will set you back around €13. To save myself a few bob and to have a wider shade choice, I tend to order online so, I thought I would share some of my favourite stockists with you in case you too are feeling the love for Essie!

  • Asos: Not a huge range of shades but, they do carry the seasonal collections. Prices vary per polish/collection but, they often go on sale and discount codes also apply. Free shipping also keeps the cost down. 

  • BeautyBay: I knew BeautyBay stocked Essie but, I only discovered yesterday that they also sell full-size sets of 2, 3 and 4 different shades for between €12 and €24. That works out at around €6/€7 per polish which is amazing value! Also, they offer free shipping! 

  • Cloud10Beauty: This is an Irish online beauty store that stocks a wide range of products including Sigma brushes, Real Techniques, OPI and, of course, Essie. There is a good range of shades on offer here and shipping is usually free over €50 but, from November 1st, they are offering free UK and Ireland shipping in preparation for Christmas!

  • Feel Unique: This wouldn't be my first choice of online store as a bottle is around €11 delivered so, not much off Boots/Superdrug in reality. However, they do stock a lot of older collections which is handy if you're regretting not picking something up first time round! Free shipping.

  • Look Fantastic: Great selection of shades, both new and old, but prices are the same as Boots/Superdrug at €13+. There is often coupon codes if you sign up to their newsletter (same for Feel Unique) and free shipping which, when combined, make ordering from here better value than buying in-store.

Essie (as well as most things!) can also be bought via eBay but, in my experience, this isn't always as quick or as cheap as ordering through one of the stockists above so, tread carefully if you are going this route! My current favourite shade is Bikini So Teeny, a bright sky blue shade I picked up on sale from Asos last week. It was part of the Summer 2012 collection but, was sold out everywhere in NYC so, I'm glad I finally got it! Also, if you like nail polish/beauty history, this interview with Essie founder Essie Weingarten is worth a read! 

Let me know if there are any shades I simply must add to my collection and if you would be interested in some future collection posts! 

None of the links in this post are affiliate links. I just included them to be helpful!


  1. Not massive but definitely not tiny either! Great shades! :-D

  2. Peach Daiquiri is such a pretty shade!

  3. Love looking at others nail varnish collection!! So please post all the pix! I just received 2 Essie shades from Beauty bay today! a neon pink (Lights) & neon orange (Action)...bit summery...but just getting ready for next year! :P

  4. Oh I came across Essie nailpolishes in TK Maxx....they usually have 3 in a set for 12euro, which is such a bargain :D.


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