October 08, 2012

Your Guide to Lush Christmas 2012!

Every year, Lush releases a whopping great Christmas collection. There are always gift boxes to suit every budget as well as some new and limited edition single products. Having been to Lush's Dublin HQ and seen the entire collection for Christmas 2012, we know it can be quite overwhelming to be confronted with so many different combinations and varieties of products. So, this year we've decided to give you a pretty comprehensive overview of the collection so you can see at-a-glance what's in store for this festive season. We've included links to the products online so that you can read up on ingredients if that's where your interests lie as well as all the prices in euro so you can plan and budget before you take a trip to your nearest Lush shop - think of this as your guide to Lush Christmas 2012!

The Gifts

Lush have a massive 35 different gifts for sale this Christmas, ranging in price from a recession-friendly €4.95 (Fairyshiki Festive Knot Wrap) to the ultimate in pampering at €129.95 (Wonderful Christmastime Gift Box). 

Christmas Party (€10.95)
Northern Lights Soap 100g
Party Popper Bath Ballistic

Snow Fairy (€16.50)
Snow Fairy Shower Gel 100g
Shimmy Shimmy Massage Bar
Angel's Delight Star Soap 70g

Merry and Bright (€27.50)
Mr Punch Soap 100g
Rub Rub Rub 130g
Ponche Shower Gel 100g
Whoosh Shower Jelly 100g
Northern Lights Soap 100g

Merry Christmas (€31.95)
Sunnyside Bubble Bar 
Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic
Crème Anglaise Body Lotion 45g
Snowcake Soap Star
It's Raining Men Shower Gel 100g

Jolly Hollydays (€32.95)
Karma Soap
Each Peach Massage Bar
Ponche Shower Gel 100g
Sandy Santa Sugar Scrub
Mr Punch Soap 100g

North Pole Soap 100g
Captain Bubble Beard Reusable Bubble Bar Wand
Santa's Sack Bubble Bar
Father Christmas Bath Ballistic
Sandy Santa Sugar Scrub

Stardust (€34.95)
Candy Mountain Bubble Bar
Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar Wand
Snow Fairy Shower Gel 100g
Party Popper Bath Ballistic
Shimmy Shimmy Massage Bar
Snow Globe Soap 100g

The Singles

Lush always manages to keep things interesting at Christmas with it unique and limited edition product innovations as well as some old favourites. This year, with six soaps, six bath ballistics, three bubble bars, three reusable bubble bar wands, two fresh cleansers, three shower gels, one bath melt, one massage bar, one sugar scrub and one lip scrub, there is definitely something for every taste, age and budget! While firm favourites like Cinders, Candy Mountain, Christmas Eve and Snow Fairy make a reappearance, there are lots of new bits and bobs for you to feast your eyes on!

Santa's Sack (€5.50)

Crackersnap Bath Ballistic (€8.95/3-baths-in-1)

Snow Fairy Shower Gel (Prices start at €4.50 for 100g)
Twilight Shower Gel (Prices start at €5.50 for 100g)
Ponche Shower Gel (Prices start at €5.50 for 100g)


  1. The stardust giftset will be my favourite! I can tell! Pink glitter? Yes please :)

  2. You wouldn't know if Glogg is coming back, would you? It's a shower gel and it's amazing and I heard rumours that it wasn't coming back to European stores.... :(

  3. ^ Glögg will be on online-sale this month for a limited time, so be quick :)

    Twinkle bath bomb
    Sexy Boy massage bar
    Gingerbread House bubble bar
    Glögg shower gel
    Snowshowers jelly

    Iced Wine jelly
    Jingle Spells bath bomb
    Once a Year massage bar
    Ruby Red Slippers
    Spice Mountain soap

    Sweet Japanese Girl cleanser
    Starcraft cleanser
    Mud Flats soap
    Almond Kisses moisturizer
    Lip Lime lip balm

  4. Cannot wait for Lush's Christmas collection! :)

  5. Dying to see some reviews of this, looks really interesting, never seen anything quite like it!



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