October 13, 2012

Thanks For Your Help!

Last week we posted a link to a survey which we hoped would yield some guidance on what you, the readers, want from our blog. We expected it to generate maybe 20 or 30 responses when, in actual fact, almost 130 of you have completed it in full which is absolutely amazing! So, genuinely, thank you very, very much!

We got some amazing feedback which we will be working to implement and take on-board over the coming months. What we were really surprised to see was the variation in what  readers like and look for from a beauty blog. Some people love current favourites posts while others absolutely hate them, some people can't stand face and nail-of-the-day style posts whereas the rest ask for them to be a more regular feature. While we can't cater to solely to one individual preference, we will continue to write a wide variety of posts so that there is sure to be something for everyone on the site! 

Thank you once again for the kind words, constructive criticism and well thought-out answers, we gleaned so much more from that little survey than we ever imagined we would and we will start putting your ideas and suggestions into action! As promised, one of the 130 people who completed the survey would win a full Sleek 2012 Ltd. Collection from so, without further ado, the winner is...Aoife! 

Congratulations Aoife, we've emailed you to get your address and Beauty Emporium will have your prize out to you asap!


  1. Congrats Aoife! Glad it was helpful! :)

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