November 02, 2012


I don't have a bath in my house and it kills me because there is nothing that I love more than sinking into a giant mass of piping hot bubbles and not moving until the water turns cold and my skin shrivels up. So, when this intriguingly squishy product from LUSH arrived at my house, I was more than a bit annoyed that I wouldn't get to try it out properly. When my boyfriend commented how nice this smelled, I asked him (slightly begrudgingly, truth be told!) would he like to try it out and give me some feedback. 

Fun* is the new multi-use product from LUSH which can be used to wash hair and  skin, as a bubble bath or even to handwash clothes. It has a soft, malleable dough-like consistency that is easy to crumble under a tap and, err, make shapes out of as demonstrated above!
You're probably wondering why I didn't use this in the shower. Well, after initially digging into it when it first arrived, I realised how crumbly it was; great if you're looking to dissolve in a mass of water but, not so great if your mam likes the shower to kept pretty tidy! I also wasn't keen on the scent which is a very strong citrus thanks to the key ingredients of mandarin and orange essential oils. So, I figured it best to pass along and have someone try it who was unaffected by the scent and has the luxury of a bathtub!

Results: LUSH generally delivers with their products and, despite how natural the ingredients are, Fun foams up really well and creates decent mounds of bubbles.

Value for Money: A little goes a long way to create a really bubbly bubble bath so, the €6.50 for a 200g roll of Fun seems like quite a good deal.

Scent: This is kind of a pro and a con. The scent is nice, if a bit strong, but, it becomes quite overwhelming over long periods of time when mixed with the heat of a bath. The lingering smell post-soak is nice though!
Colour: While this doesn't stain the bath, it does leave a stubborn residue on fingers after crumbling it into the water. Not a big deal by any means but, something to take into account.
As you can see, the feedback was largely positive on Fun as a whole. I can imagine this product being an absolute treat for a kid's bathtime as they get to treat it like playdough but, also get a massively froathy bubble bath out of it!


  1. Hah, it's a Lush sausage... hadn't seen that yet :-)

  2. Looks FUN! If it stains your fingers I'd be wary handwashing a white bra with it lol!


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