October 20, 2012

Guest Post: Touch of Silver

I have a bit of a different post for you today, as it's about something that neither myself nor Sinéad were able to review, but still something that loads of you will be interested in - products for blonde hair! Read on to see how my friend Aoife got on with products from the Touch of Silver line.

Yellow. The bane of every blonde’s existence. The colour that draws the line
between Marilyn Monroe blonde and Tulisa blonde. The tinge that exposes an
inexperienced hair-bleacher, an inevitability of first-time home dye jobs.

And then, there’s purple. Purple shampoos. The saviour of the blonde
community. A couple of months ago, Dee offered me a selection of Touch of
Silver products to try out for Viva Adonis. I had just reverted to my signature
platinum blonde ‘do after a couple of years wearing varying shades of brown,
black and red. While being brunette was fun while it lasted, I always felt that
platinum blonde was, proverbially, my natural colour. So I took the plunge and
bleached it again. However, blonde is never that simple. In all the time I’d spent
thinking fondly of my white-haired days, I’d somehow failed to remember that
dreaded shade that would try to force its way in to my hair follicles...yellow!

I had tried only one other purple shampoo before the Touch of Silver products
– Lee Stafford “Hot Shots” – which, while good for toning, were quite harsh on
my scalp and hair. Dee gave me a selection of Touch of Silver products to try –
Twice A Week Brightening Shampoo, Daily Nourishing Conditioner and Silver
Revitalising Dry Shampoo.

The shampoo, which retails at £3.09 (approximately €3.79) for 150ml on, was to be used, as its name suggests, twice weekly. The first
thing I noticed was what a deep shade of purple the shampoo was, it was quite
highly pigmented, which is what you want from a toning shampoo. I used it
regularly as instructed. However, I use a lot of oils and hairspray in my hair and
found the Touch of Silver ineffective in place of my regular shampoo in terms
of cleansing my hair of product build-up. It also struggled to do its toning job
through the product in my hair, so I found myself first washing my hair with
regular shampoo, and then following it with the Touch of Silver, which I would
leave in for a few minutes to do its business.

When I altered my routine to
include both my regular and the purple shampoo, I really saw how effective the
Touch of Silver shampoo was. It cleansed the horrible brassy and yellow tones
from my hair and left it, quite literally, with a touch of silver. It does not leave my
hair feeling damaged or limp, the way the Lee Stafford shampoo did. The small
bottle goes a long, long way – I am still using the same one, and it remains an
integral part of my weekly hair routine. I will, without doubt, repurchase this
product when I run out.

The other two products I tried did not have such an obvious or dramatic effect
on my hair. The conditioner was for daily use (though I try not to wash my hair
daily – and would not advise anyone with bleached hair to do so, either!), so I
used it every time I washed my hair. However, the first time I used it, it was in
place of my usual Aussie 3 Minute Miracle deep conditioner, and when I went to
dry my hair, it was like straw. Touch of Silver’s website claims that the
conditioner’s “creamy protective formula helps repair dry, damaged hair by
infusing extra moisture to give hair an improved smooth and silky texture”,
though unfortunately this was not my experience. The product is simply not
conditioning enough for the chemically-bleached clientele to whom it is
marketed. From that day on, I mixed the Touch of Silver conditioner with my
deep conditioner, and used it that way. However, even alone the conditioner
does not seem very highly pigmented – it is pale lilac in colour – so I am unsure
of how effective it is in the toning process when diluted with another
conditioner, but every little helps, I suppose.

With regards to the dry shampoo: I am reluctant to comment too much on this
because dry shampoo is not something I would use on a daily basis anyway,
so it is difficult for me to make any conclusive comments on the quality of this
product. However, I did find that it encouraged me to put off hair-washing for
an extra day, which, without doubt, is a good thing for the condition of my hair.
I didn’t see any immediately noticeable difference in the colour of my hair upon
using this – though, saying that, the Touch of Silver shampoo had essentially
eliminated the yellow tinge in my hair, so perhaps there was no work left for the
dry shampoo to do.

This is a great line of products, with an unbeatably low price tag. My advice?
Buy the shampoo first, see how well it cleans up your hair (my bets are it will
do a great job), and if you’re still not quite as “silver” as you’d like to be, add
the conditioner and dry shampoo in to your routine. Good luck in banishing the

Aoife x


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