September 12, 2012

Tresemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protectant: Amazing!

 I've become more than a bit obsessed with haircare of late. To cut a long story short, I almost destroyed my hair a few months back and have been paying it a whole lot more attention ever since. Basically, I had wanted to dye my hair a really bright red for the longest time. I finally bit the bullet, went in with bleach and red dye, and (unsurprisingly) hated the result. It was far too bright and, no matter how much I tried to tone it down, I still looked like Holly from Geordie Shore. Not good. Before the week was out, I was back to brunette, but left with some seriously damaged hair. Since then, I've been taking extra care to look after and strengthen my locks. The first product to really wow me was Kerastase Chroma Thermique. It's still something that I will be definitely repurchasing, and now I'm happy to report that I've found another deadly product that does great things for my hair. Best of all, it cost me just under a fiver!

Basically, this is just a heat protecting spray, but I find that it does a lot more than just safeguard my hair from the heat of my hairdryer and curler. I spray a generous amount into my hair while it's still damp, and then make sure the product is well distributed by running through my hair with my Tangle Teezer.

The effects of this spray become evident as soon as I start blow-drying my hair. There is less frizz and I find it much easier and faster to achieve a smooth, silky blow-dry. When my hair is dried, it feels a lot softer and smoother than it would normally. Now, this is probably just a lot of silicones coating my hair, but this doesn't bother me. My hair is never going to be naturally sleek, so faking it is just fine with me. It is worth noting that siliconey products won't work for everyone, though, and can weigh down fine hair.

After dying my hair, I will usually either run through it with the straightener or curl it. I'll use a few more spritzes on the ends of my hair at this stage and then get to work. This product really reminds me of John Frieda 3 Day Straight in some respects, but without as much build-up, plus it's cheaper. It helps to create a really long-lasting 'do - curls stay put for longer after using this, and likewise, my straightened hair will remain sleeker for longer.

So, overall, I'm obsessed with this stuff (can you tell?!). It's a fantastic product for a great price, and well worth trying out!


  1. I dye my hair lots, I love hair oils to keep it soft, I bought a small one from primark ( penneys in ireland right, right?)and it was actually really good, I have done a review on my blog, i don't know if they will stock it in ireland but it really did make my hair feel lovely. I've got more hair-care related stuff coming up as I have just dyed my hair red too! megan x

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