September 10, 2012

Organique Chocolate Collection

Today is something of a sad day as I will have, fingers crossed, arrived back in Dublin at 5am this morning and am, undoubtedly, suffering from post-holiday blues!

It seems like the beauty world is going a little bit chocolate-crazy of late! I've never been a fan of chocolate-scented anything but, was recently proven wrong with the delectable Chocomania collection from the Body Shop. It genuinely smells like chocolate and not the sickly sweet, chemically manufactured stench that usually turns my stomach.

When I was sent some products from the Organique Chocolate line to try, I was somewhat apprehensive. Surely the cosmetics industry couldn't strike it out of the park twice for me in the one year with cocoa-inspired products?! How wrong was I! Dare I say it but, Organique Chocolate actually smells better than Chocomania, almost good enough to eat (and yes, the thought did cross my mind!). I have the Chocolate Sugar Peeling exfoliator and the Chocolate Bronzing Body Butter from the collection.

The Sugar Peeling scrub is, as you can probably guess, composed mainly of sugar crystals which aim to gently scour away excess oil and dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. The crystals, in combination with shea and cocoa butters work to leave skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

The texture of the Sugar Peeling scrub is, as you can probably tell from the close up shot below, very gritty. I did think it seemed a little rough on areas where the skin is thin, like my ankles and elbows but, once I remember to let up on the pressure there is no scratchiness or irritation to contend with. 

I found this to be surprisingly effective. I suffer from minor keratosis pilaris (AKA chicken skin!) on my upper arms so, it's rare that a scrub makes a significant difference to this. However, after one use the uneven texture was visibly reduced and felt a lot less bumpy to the touch! As an aside, it smells exactly like a freshly baked chocolate brownie!

The Bronzing Body Butter is suitable for use on all skin types and has a high shea butter content for maximum hydration and moisturisation. It also contains cocoa extract for a firming, anti-cellulite action. Oh, and according to a sticker on the tub, it was one of In Style magazine's Best Beauty Buys for 2011!

Where the exfoliator is extremely gritty, the body butter is as smooth as can be. It has an almost whipped consistency and reminds me a lot of milk chocolate mousse in both the smell and the texture! My skin always feels really silky after I use this and the scent lingers until my next shower. However, I would suggest not applying it before you do any exercise as I noticed in the gym that I smelled like a warm bakery which got quite nauseating after a time!

The name is a bit confusing. "Bronzing" suggests that it will do just that, bronze the skin but, it just seems to give the faintest of glows which diminishes an hour or so post-application. It's not a big deal as I wouldn't want it to have a self-tanning element but, I do think it could mislead anyone who does want that from the body butter.

If I was a lady of means with a big house and more guest bathrooms than I could count, I would leave this duo out as a way of saying "Welcome to my world, ain't it delicious?!" I would want to be a lady of means however, as this stuff isn't cheap. The body butter comes in at a whopping €49 while the exfoliator tips the scales at €40. Each pot is only 200ml and, while a little does go a long way, that's no small chunk of change to spend on pamper products! However, if you're looking for an indulgent feast for the senses or a special treat for the chocolate-lovers in your life, this is, quite possibly, as good as it gets.

Organique is a Polish brand and is stocked exclusively at selected spas including Foxrock Beauty Salon in Dublin. 

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