September 01, 2012

New and Cheap Stuff!

I do enjoy a bit of a quick fix shopping-wise. As much as I love browsing the high-end counters, a purchase isn't always possible from them, and it's at these times that I usually hit Penneys for a quick, cheap beauty treat. I picked this bunch of goodies up on two separate occasions; I got the lash and brow gel on an emergency trip to the chemist for hair dye (my brown hair KEEPS fading!), and the rest was purchased on an impromptu quick trip to Penneys with Laura after a recent event. The first thing I picked up was this really pretty mint green bow makeup bag for only €4. I love it, it's very Topshop-looking, and I'm so glad to finally have a pretty makeup bag. Prior to this one, I was using the most horrific, gaudy-looking gold yoke!

Now, on to the cosmetics. I'm still on the quest for the perfect liquid eyeliner, as I have yet to find the return of the old packaging that Essence promised literally months ago now. I have to say though, the Essence Sun Club Splash-proof liquid eyeliner is the best marker-style liner I've ever used. It's super-black and the nib is really long and thin and makes it so easy to achieve the perfect flick. Two thumbs up from me, it surpasses any high-end liner that I've tried (including the Clarins three-dot liner that everyone is raving about right now)!

I also picked up an eyebrow gel, the Catrice Lash/Brow Designer. This stuff is brilliant and keeps my brows tamed all day - I love the brush too, which I forgot to photograph - it's dual sided, basically a cross between a comb and a spoolie. I adore this and it's cheap as chips

An item that caught both mine and Laura's eyes was this little NYC eyeshadow palette in Picnic in Central Park. The colours are gorgeous, perfect for everyday and really compliment my blue eyes. The shadows are really well pigmented for a budget product - it's an ideal item to keep in your bag in case you need to touch up your eyeshadow because it's literally the length of my baby finger!

Finally, I think I've literally gotten to the stage where I find it difficult to leave the house without buying a nail polish. It's an issue, but when Essence nail polish is only €1.29 (less than my bus fare), who cares?! Well, that's what I'm telling myself! The polish I most recently bought is a gorgeous hot candy pink, called Naughty and Pink! It's stunning on, the formula is great, it dries glossy and the shade is really pretty. It's reminiscent of MAC Impassioned, which is both myself and Sinéad's very favourite shade of pink. Gorgeous!

If you have any budget brand recommendations, do let me know!


  1. The makeup bag is so so pretty! Will have to give the eyebrow gel a whirl, my Essence one isn't doing it for me anymore.

  2. You can get the Essence liquid eyeliner in the old-style packaging in the bigger Essence stands! I picked some up in Penneys in Galway a while back. Don't know of anywhere with the big Essence stands in Dublin though; very annoying as they have all the gorgeous glitter polishes!

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