August 06, 2012

Summer Lovin' ~ Holiday Hair

This post is part of my Summer Lovin' series. I'll be posting every Monday in the run-up to my own holidays in August and will be covering some of my own summer favourites! 

You're all probably sick to the back teeth of me saying that I don't "do" hair products and, you know, I don't blame you. But, alas, it is the sorry truth of the matter. My hair is mid-length, straight and uncoloured so, I don't usually have much of a need for products outside of the odd spritz of a conditioning oil/spray or some hairspray. 

However, when I go abroad, I always need to up my game considerably when it comes to haircare. Prolonged exposure to the sun, heavily air-conditioned environments, chlorine and, to some extent, salty sea water all dry my hair out and I have somewhat of a phobia of the sound and feel of crispy, dried up tresses. So, for anyone who suffers with the same issues and/or weird phobia, I highly recommend the following products. Bear in mind, if you have coloured hair, you will probably need to protect against fading and chlorine-damage with some extra, more specified products but, the below should still work for you!Hair
Argan Oil ~ Oils are definitely having their moment and, whether it is a splash of Moroccanoil or a dash of Macadamia Oil that takes your fancy, they are invaluable when it comes to protecting your hair and skin from the elements. I recently posted about the Olinia Argan Oil * and it is the end of this 50ml bottle which I will be taking to protect the ends of my hair (and also to keep my skin supple and hydrated in air-conditioned environments!).

Leave-In Conditioner ~ I've mentioned my love for the Revlon Equave leave-in conditioning spray many times over the months of writing this blog. This is a super-hydrating and nourishing spray that detangles and conditions hair. I usually spray this onto my hair when I get out of the shower and leave it to dry in. The result is really silky smooth hair that is high-shine and doesn't tangle easily which is brilliant when you're on a windy beach with your hair flying everywhere! Dee picked up this little 50ml bottle from Terrisales for me along with the shampoo for €3 and it will be perfect for travelling with. 

Salt Spray ~ While it may seem counter-productive to use a salt spray when I've already said that I hate the crispy feeling salt water gives my hair, rest assured there is a method to my madness! Bumble and Bumble's Surf Spray gives the glorious, laid-back appearance of beachy waves without the crunchy, scratchy finish. I've been using this spray for years, mainly on holidays, and I find that it not only creates the perfect tousled tresses, easy for a casual dinner or laying by the pool but, also seems to condition my hair, taking away the ick-inducing crispiness and replacing it with something more akin to a light hold hairspray. 

All three of these bottles are small, light and perfect for travelling with and will keep my hair in some kind of presentable shape throughout my trip! If you have any tips or product recommendations for holiday haircare, do leave them in the comments below! 

Any products sent for consideration are marked with a (*) and I just put the links to the products in to be helpful!


  1. I am the same when it comes to my hair as mine is short and doesn't require much attention, I'd like to try out the Salt Spray.

    1. Toni & Guy and Umberto Giannani both do salt sprays, find them very good!

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