August 26, 2012

Avon Advance Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil

Hmm, hair oils. Have we not had enough yet?! Every brand on the block appears to be jumping on the bandwagon, and in this case, Avon seems to have moved far too fast. When I received this bottle to try, I was really excited and intrigued as: a) I'd never used any Avon hair products before and b), my hair loves argan oil, so this product seemed to be quite the no-brainer. 

So, I went about my business testing this stuff, and used two or three pumps (my hair is really thick) on damp hair. My first impressions were that I liked the bottle and the colours, but once the stuff was in my hand, I began to wonder how much of an 'oil' this actually was. The product is quite thick, not very viscous or 'oily', and smells quite synthetic. The consistency of the product is much more along the lines of a silicone-packed serum, like Frizz-Ease. So, these thoughts aside, how did it perform in my hair?

My locks really like this stuff, and a small amount goes a long way. I particularly like using this when I'm going for a sleek, glossy look as it keeps my hair very straight and prevents flyaways. When I use this prior to blow-drying, my hair dries extremely soft, and it makes it much easier to achieve a straight, smooth 'do. You do need to be careful not to use too much product and if you keep using it regularly, it can cause a bit of build-up, so I don't use this every time I dry my hair. All fairly positive thoughts, but I do have some concerns about the labelling and marketing of this product, which were only exacerbated after reading this post from Aisling over on

Basically, Aisling found that this product actually contains less than 1% Argan Oil, which is fairly appalling for a product that is labelled just that. The formula is loaded with silicones, which I personally love in my hair, but I know aren't for everyone. In short, I don't think it's cool for a product to be so misleading - I'm guessing that even the colour of this stuff is fake.

Having said all of that, I really like what it does for my hair! It's also super-cheap at €7 for 30ml, and it's half price in the current Avon catalogue. Whether you still want to purchase this is obviously up to you - it's a good deal for a good product, but the misleading name that they have given this product in order to capitalise on a trend is pretty disappointing, especially coming from a brand that I would usually trust. If you're looking for a more genuine Argan oil product, click here and here!


  1. 1% ??? Are they allowed to market a product so misleadingly? Advertising standards and all that

    1. Hey hun, they really shouldn't be, I'm after looking up the ASAI and I'm confused!

      Wouldn't normally get in a flap about these things but it's an interesting one! It's a great product just not labelled correctly. Even if it was called 'Smoothing serum with Argan extracts' or something along those lines, it'd be much better!

  2. Woww I never knew they were allowed to do that. So technically it lacks in all the "nutrition" the oil would have and is just packed with synthetics :( bit dissapointing. But if the ends justify the means :/


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