August 10, 2012

2: My Clarisonic Journey

Before I hop into the second installment of my Clarisonic Journey, I just wanted to say thanks for the great feedback on my first post a fortnight ago. There was loads of comments across Twitter, Instagram and the blog and it was great to see that (a) so many of you were interested in my experience so you could decide whether it was worth the money for your own skin (which is the main point of these posts), and (b) we didn't lose too many readers after choosing to put in a picture of my make-up free face! So, yeah, thanks for that! Now, onto weeks three and four!

Skin Reactions?

As I said previously, I was amazed that my skin showed an improvement almost immediately after using the Clarisonic. There was no breakouts or purging to report and the overall texture and radiance of my skin seemed to change for the better.

This time round I do have some not-so-nice reactions to report. Now, before you go and cancel your order, I must say that they are hardly noticeable and could be due to one or more factors extraneous to the Clarisonic. However, in the interest of providing a reliable review, I thought I should divulge that, over the much of the last two weeks, my face has been graced with the presence of four whole blemishes.

I know, I know. You're probably thinking , "Four blemishes? So what, big deal" and, yes, they aren't an issue but, full disclosure and all that! Anyway, these blemishes weren't full on spots but, rather small-to-medium-sized red bumps that seemed to be lurking just beneath the surface.

I did start using a new cleanser with the Clarisonic right when these bumps appeared so, it's quite possible they were related to a change of routine. However, I maintained the same routine of using the Clarisonic every night and persevered with the new cleanser and, I am pleased to report that my skin has begun to settle down once again. All of the bumps but one have disappeared completely and the texture of my skin has improved even further from what I reported in my previous post.

Cleanser: Foaming

If you read my first post, you will have seen that I tried every cleanser in my possession; gel (Avène*), cream (Liz Earle*), balm (Boots Botanics), in order to see which worked best with the Clarisonic. However, none of these were blowing my mind and I mentioned that I was trying a new cleanser which I had high hopes for. The cleanser in question was the Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser and, I'm happy to report, this is exactly what I was looking for in a cleanser to use with my Clarisonic; light and deep-cleaning with lots of lather.

Despite the initial blip of getting some blemishes over the first few days of trying this cleanser, my skin has adjusted and seems to be getting on well with it. The cleanser smells really fresh and clean but, it's important to point out that it does irritate the eyes and taste a bit soapy so, bear this in mind if you, like me, seem to get products everywhere when washing your face! I do think a foam cleanser is the way to go with the Clarisonic however.

Pricey or Priceless?

My feelings on the cost of the Clarisonic haven't changed since my first post. I firmly believe that it is worth every penny I spent and, had I known it was going to have such a positive effect on the appearance, texture and condition of my skin, I would have bought it long ago. Blemishes aside, I am still entirely in love with it!

It is an ongoing cost though in that you do need to buy replacement brush heads. I'm not sure if there is a set time frame you are supposed to use the same head for but, based on one month of daily use, I would say I will get around 3-4 months of solid use before it needs changing. I plan on picking up replacement heads in America, where they are a slight bit cheaper but, am unsure whether to stick with the original head or try out one of the sensitive or deep cleaning brushes instead.

I do have a question for any of you who have the Clarisonic already; does it take yours ages to dry? Mine is still pretty wet even 24 hours later and I have tried drying it every way I can; brush head down, brush head up, cap on, cap off and it just will not dry completely! It's not much of an issue but, I do worry about it getting all mildewy! Let me know...


  1. Hey Sinead...

    I just shake my clarisonic and I keep a towel to just lightly press the brush on to take the major excess water out of the brush and then it's generally dry quick enough!
    Isnt it just so great when you find something that works for your skin!

    1. Thanks for that! I tried the towel thing and it worked brilliantly! x

  2. Mine takes ages to dry too! I wipe it with a towel though and that seems to take most of the heavy wet out! Glad to hear you're getting on with it so well, I LOVE mine!xxx

    1. The towel thing really helped, thank you! I love it so much! x

  3. I know I shouldn't be wishing my life away and all that but I can't wait for Christmas! This really has to be top of my list! Great to get such informative feedback, glad it's treatin ya well! :)

    1. It's definitely a worthwhile present to ask for! Thanks so much, glad you're enjoying it! x

  4. Ohh I cant wait to start using mine now Sinead. Once again a great post, really informative :-)

    1. Let me know how you get on! Thanks Rachel, glad you find it helpful! x

  5. Great post Sinead, really enjoying this series, it's great to read really in-depth reviews of stuff like this, especially given the price! Glad you're getting on well with it, the cleanser seems to be a big issue with people and its great that you've found one that works!x


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