July 25, 2012

Topshop Nails

Let me just say, it was beyond hard to capture the beautiful duochrome and iridescent particles which make these nail polishes so incredibly special! A few dozen snaps later, however, I think and hope I did them justice!

As you can probably tell from the title and massive image above, these are some of the nail polishes from the Topshop Make Up collection. I'm not overly familiar with the brand, having just one blush to my name so, when these turned up on my doorstep, I was understandably intrigued to see what they were like. 

Firstly, I think the bottles are adorable. I'm not a massive fan of polka dots but, I think the fact that Topshop keep this motif running throughout their beauty range makes it fun and cute and instantly distinguishable. I also like that they have kept the product volume reasonably low at 8ml as opposed to the whopping 15ml of product brands like OPI bottle up. At least we might have some hope of getting through these smaller bottles! The price point is good at £5/€8 for cream shades and £6/€9 for metallics. Sadly, as is always the case with Topshop, we here in Ireland are ripped off but, sure, we're used to be stomped all over as consumers at this point, right?!

The shades that we got were Queen of Green*, Eclipse* and Twilight Tease*. Queen of Green and Twilight Tease are both metallic polishes while I can only think to describe Eclipse as a foil-effect polish. Unfortunately, the brush from Queen of Green had fallen off into the polish in transit and I had to improvise in order to get a swatch for this post so, despite being a gorgeous and unique mint green shade, I doubt we'll get much use out of this one!! Eclipse is a beauty; a green/blue duochrome that reminds me of some sort of exotic beetle. I also think that it might just be like the coveted Chanel Peridot from a few seasons ago so, I will do some swatching and, if a dupe is recorded, I shall report back!

Quality does noticeably vary between the different finishes. The metallics are very sheer and takes three good and even coats to build-up decent opacity. The finished result is well worth it though and will have you checking out your hands all day long! Eclipse, the foil-type polish, was the complete opposite, almost opaque in one coat with a shiny, mirrored finish when dry. I would be interested in picking up some of cream polishes from the range to see how they compare and have already seen a few unique shades which would slot nicely into my collection! 

Have you tried anything from the Topshop Nails range? Any recommendations for me?
Note: While these products were sent for consideration, I just included the links to be helpful in case anyone wanted to buy them!


  1. These are amazing i love nail polish.
    They sort of remind me of the George nail polishes im trying out the last 2 weeks will soon have a blog post on them soon :) They are less price than these though
    I will definitely be trying these out :)

  2. I'm loving eclipse! I think I would cry if I opened a nail polish and the brush was broke! </3

  3. I'm yet to try Topshop polishes, but this really makes me want to try them! I love Twilight Tease - might pop into my local topshop to see if they have that one! xx


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