July 22, 2012

Blogs I Love Right Now

Bloveo It's been an age since I properly talked about other blogs that I love and admire. This post is just going to be a quick summation of a few blogs that I am particularly loving right now - there are tons more that I check almost daily! I just thought I'd talk about a few (any more and this post would be ridiculously long), that I'm really enjoying - in other words, the girls that make me want to go shopping!

Heather Does Makeup 
This girl is absolutely stunning, and a seriously talented makeup artist to book. Her blending skills are amazing, and I want pretty much everything she uses!

Makeup Over Mind
Orla is another stunner - her makeup looks are really well put-together and flawless, and I really love how she uses a mix of high street and high end products.

Life's Pretty Visions
Zara's hauls are amazing, she has fabulous taste and the girl knows how to shop ;) She makes me want to buy everything from the Laura Mercier counter!

Tar Mar Tales
Tara is just gorgeous, and I love watching her videos because she is so genuine, chatty and easy to watch. She's really inspiring as she's always customising stuff, and has a great video about how to thread your own eyebrows!

Sarah's a good chum of ours, which may make me a little biased, but her blog is seriously great. She takes gorgeous pictures and has an eye for good quality products. She also shares our nail polish problem...never change, Sarah! :)

Emerald Eyeliner
Síle and Mags are a blogging duo that really pack a punch - they have some great, detailed reviews with plenty of laughs thrown in, and Mags is another dedicated shopper! She makes me want everything from Stila....some day, I will own some!

Simone Loves Makeup
Simone is an Irish make-up artist currently based in Bahrain. I'm a massive fan of both her blog and videos, as we seem to share the same taste. Her eyeshadow obsession is infectious and I love the simple looks that she creates. Also, check out this video where she shows all of the skincare brands that are available in her local Boots - heaven!

Beauty Never Fades MUA
Dani is a Dublin-based make-up artist, and I'm a huge fan of her style. She's not afraid to play with really bold colours, and her videos are fun to watch, as she's totally herself and not afraid to speak her mind. She also has me wanting an Inglot lipstick palette badly!

Sparkly Vodka
Caroline is an English fashion and beauty blogger with a really individual sense of style and amazing taste in products. Anything that is in her monthly favourites is always worth trying, and her makeup never fails to be flawless. Oh, and I love her hair!

Getting Cheeky
Jessica is an American blogger who really knows her products. She has a great style of writing and impeccable taste. Her makeup is never OTT and I love her Inspired by Literature posts, it just goes to show that you don't have to be braindead to be a make-up obsessive!

So, there you have it - a selection of blogs that I've been loving over the last while. If you have any suggestions for blogs I should read, link me! I'm always on the look-out for more!


  1. Thanks for this list! There's some really amazing blogs that I will be following now, Sparkly Vodka especially! I've got some serious hair jealousy now. x

  2. THANKS FOR THE LIST! love it- followed every single one! xxxx

  3. Wow thanks for adding us to a list with some amazing company some of which I know and love and the others I am going to check out now ;) I am always surprised when anybody reads the blog especially if its successful bloggers like yourself ;) delighted

  4. Ah thanks so much for the mention Dee! Must check out the others on your list x

  5. Thanks so so much, you totally just made my day! :)


  6. Made my day! Great to find some new bloggers too although I was already addicted to most! :) Hope you have a fabulous makeup-filled week. ;)

  7. thank you for the mention dee! i really do love your blog. just checked out everyone else on the list & i love them all too! xx

  8. Deeeeeee I only just saw this now, thanks so much! You know i love you guys too :D x

  9. I'm such a fan of your blog and it is an honour to be mentioned here.
    Thank you so much :)
    Dani xo


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