June 12, 2012

No7 Lift & Luminate Day & Night Serum Review

A month or so ago, I attended a fancy-pants No7 launch. We were promised that this was going to be a big reveal of the brand's Next Big Thing. Unsurprisingly, the product was a heavy duty anti-ageing serum, with a ton of science and research behind it. The product claims to tackle lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness and uneven pigmentation. Although, as a total skincare freak, I found the product interesting, I'm not in the market for it myself yet. And so, I'll hand you over to my Mam now!

Boots recently launched the weapon of mass destruction in their serum
series. This one is aimed at the over 45s, and for some weird reason, Dee
asked me to review it for her.

As a continuation of the Protect and Perfect range, there’s a lot of science
behind the product. It’s being advertised on TV, showing a woman of this
demographic catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror, and reassuring
herself that “It’s working”. The serum, that is.

So, promise in hand, I opened the box and got to using it. There are two
15ml tubes in the pack, one each for day and for night. Fairly confusing for
people of my age, especially late at night. The night time tube lasted me a
lot longer, probably because - I won't lie - I forgot to differentiate between them.

The serums apply easily, straight from the tube, and Boots suggest they
should last six weeks. I found I just made it to four weeks...perhaps
my face is too big?! Each serum applies well, and this particular version
targets age spots as well. Not having any of those, I can’t comment on its
efficacy there, I’m afraid.

Using this, or any decent serum, gives a much smoother skin and improved skin
texture. Once you’ve been using it for a fortnight, you will notice
that skin feels stronger and more refined. Applying moisturiser afterwards is
easier, it glides on and you will need far less.

Performance wise, I didn’t find this in any way different to any other serum
in the same price range. It’s grand, but did not show any outstanding
outcomes over my four week trial. I much prefer the simplicity of
one tube. 

On a value for money basis (€34 for 2x15ml), it’s not great, because unless you
are ruthlessly efficient, you will use up the day tube more quickly than the
night one. And for simplicity’s sake, this mammy is sticking with a single
serum policy in order to avoid tubular confusion.

Edel x

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  1. Another great post from mammy! I'm finishing off a tube of the No 7 old serum - it was free with moisturiser. Didn't think it made any difference!


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