June 08, 2012

My Origins

I've been a bit slow to jump on-board the Origins bandwagon. I have always found it quite expensive and didn't really get the hype surrounding it. I also have skincare products coming out my ears at the moment so, there was little that I could justify needing just yet. However, after a very unfortunate encounter at a beauty counter in Brown Thomas, I took my custom online to House of Fraser and, after adding what I needed to my bag, I found myself casually perusing the Origins section and contemplating some of their famed products. 

Before I knew it, I had added two different products to my online shopping bag and quickly checked out before I could change my mind, justifyng it to myself that I didn't want to pay for delivery (A measly £3. I know, my maths/logic doesn't make any sense!). The two items I chose were the Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask and, the much-lauded, VitaZing moisturiser. Now that I've had them a few weeks and have had time to use them, I thought I would update you on how I'm finding the beloved brand!

My skin has been behaving rather nicely lately. After an unfortunate spate of dry patches and breakouts, it has totally settled down and returned to it former, generally clear, glory. However, I'm still conscious of the blackheads on my nose. They aren't particularly big or obvious but, in my ongoing quest for flawless skin, I am aware of them and would like to clear them up. I have been actively on the lookout for a skin-purging, pore-cleansing mask and, when I saw the Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask (£19.00/€25.90) and quickly read up on it, I knew it was just what I'd been after. 

The mask is, unsurprisingly, charcoal coloured and lightly smells of charcoal which I don't find at all unpleasant. It contains a number of ingredients designed to purge skin of pollutants and debris that get trapped on a daily basis. Activated charcoal draws out the gunk that clogs up pores, white china clay soaks up environmental pollutants in the skin while Lecithin works to dissolve impurities. 

The spiel and promises are all great but, does it really work as suggested? Well, in short, yes. Once a week (Sunday evening, post-shower) I apply a thin layer of this all over my face and then add a second layer just on my T-Zone. It's quite a thin cream that spreads easily and isn't too messy. It's really wet when it is first applied and you're supposed to leave it on until it fully dries. There is some slight tingling, though not uncomfortable, and the mask quickly begins to harden and my face gets really tight to the point where it is impossible to speak without cracking the hardened layer. I tend to leave it on for around 10 minutes or until the tightness becomes unbearable. Then I rinse off with lukewarm water and pat my face dry. The result is always the same; amazingly bright and tight skin that looks clearer across the congested areas and is really smooth and even to the touch. 

VitaZing (£26.00/€35.50) is one of those products that I was always sceptical about, despite the huge following it has in the beauty community. I need another moisturiser like I need a hole in the head and, sure, a moisturiser with a tint is hardly revolutionary now, is it? However, since I was going a bit mad anyway and needed something to push me over the £50 limit to qualify for free delivery (I know, I know!), I decided to bite the bullet and see what all the fuss was about. 

First of all, it contains SPF 15 which is always a plus. It has a lightly citrus scent thanks to the inclusion of anti-oxidant rich Mangosteen and is really weightless on the skin. What has the beauty community in a tizzy however, is the minuscule capsules that are suspended in the moisturiser and are filled with a light tint. These burst when rubbed into the skin and give a sheer, healthy glow. A little goes a long way and, if you are pale like me, exercise caution in how much you apply. You won't get much coverage with this but, skin does look really even and radiant and I am quite happy and comfortable to go about my business with just this on for make-up. 

As a moisturiser, I like it. It's not jaw-droppingly amazing but, it is hydrating and protecting and I can appreciate that. As for the tint, I love it but, again, it's not revolutionary. That being said, I have absolutely been loving this when used in combination with my Laura Mercier Mineral Powder Foundation. The two together create a finish that is high coverage yet dewy, a rather hard combination to come by.

I can't honestly say that I will be rushing out to repurchase VitaZing once it runs out, mainly due to the hefty price tag for what it is. I do really like the product but, I do feel that it has been hyped up to be something it's not when, really, it is little more than a glorified tinted moisturiser. Don't get me wrong, it is a lovely product and I do like it but, I do think that it has been blown out of proportion online and I just want to dispel the notion that this moisturiser will change your life!

So, I've popped my Origins cherry and, while not as blown away as I expected to be by the overhyped VitaZing, I am really happy with what I bought and am really enjoying using both products. Despite promising myself that I won't buy anymore cosmetics until I'm in the US in August, I'm already itching to try more from Origins. So far my list stands at the Super Spot Remover Blemish Treatment Gel, the Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask * and the Modern Friction scrub but, if you have any Origins hero products you think I need to try, do let me know! 

Note: I purchased my Origins via the House of Fraser website and, so, paid the sterling price. However, the euro prices listed above are from Debenhams and may be better or worse value depending on the conversion rate.

* Yep, since writing this, I have bought two more Origins products! Woops! 


  1. Origins have really great products but what i love the most from them is definitely their ginger range -Loving Sunshine

  2. I loved Vitazing but it's way too orange for my skin tone so gave it to my mam who loves it now! Wish they'd bring out a lighter version for me:)

    1. Same hun! It's best when I have some tan on but, a teeny bit looks okay under my foundation otherwise!

  3. I keep hearing great things about this brand and keep meaning to try some out!!!! Mum has a few bits and pieces, I really must try them as my skin is in need of TLC at the mo!

  4. Cant believe i havent tried anything from Origins yet, was in Junction 1 a while ago and got to overwhelmed and didnt get any boo! I really wanna get the vitazing tint now x

  5. I *need* the charcoal mask, it sounds amazeballs!

  6. I've never tried anything from Origins before, seems quite expensive and I've always been unconvinced but I think I'll try the overnight spot remover, I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts. To save your purse next time order from, they stock origins and have free shipping to Ireland and often have 10% off codes! x


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