June 20, 2012

Max Factor Colour Effect Flipsticks

Last week I brought you up-to-speed on Max Factor's new and enlarged Max Effects nail polish range and today I wanted to talk about another stand-out product from the brand; Colour Effect Flipsticks.

Honestly, I didn't expect to like these at all. Double-ended products really don't entice me. I usually find them to be sub-par in quality and cumbersome to use which means I don't reach for them as much as I do my other products. However, Flipsticks are the exact opposite of this. They are great lipsticks in a good, non-annoying packaging. Let's look a little closer, shall we?

Max Factor intend for these complementary lipsticks to let you "mix, match and get artistic with striking lip looks, unique to you". Available in six shade combinations (RRP €11.99); Swinging Brown, Salsa Red, Gipsy Red, Folky Pink, Boreal Mauve and Bloomy Pink, one end of the 'stick houses an opaque cream lipstick while the other boasts a lighter coloured lipstick from the same shade family though, this time, with some shimmer.

Creams (L-R): Salsa Red, Boreal Mauve, Bloomy Pink

Shimmers (L-R): Salsa Red, Boreal Mauve, Bloomy Pink

Now, lip artistry has been a big trend lately, evidenced by the huge surge in popularity for lip sticker products like Violent Lip Tattoos. Ombré lip looks have graced the runways for the last few seasons but, due to the finnicky nature of creating these gradient lips (and even applying lip stickers, or so I'm told!), they aren't the easiest trends for us mere mortals to emulate. Flipsticks basically eliminate the need for years of make-up training and experience in order to create eye-catching, tricky-looking lip art. 

Each end of the duo is skinny, skinnier than any traditional lipstick I have ever seen or used and has a super sharp, angled head which means that really precise, detailed application is possible. You can use each colour alone, layer them, apply the darker shade around the outside of your lips and the lighter in the centre á la Marilyn Monroe or, if you are daring enough, create a fade with the dark shade on one lip and the light on the other! The possibilities, in theory, really are vast.

Swatches (L-R): Salsa Red, Bloomy Pink, Boreal Mauve

For just shy of €12, you are getting two highly pigmented lipsticks which is not to be sniffed at. Even though I gravitate towards the bright, bold cream shades, the shimmers are inoffensive and, in fact, quite flattering on. I do wish, however, that there was a greater difference between the shades. The tones are all quite similar and, unless you are really careful and/or block out your natural lip colour, it's very easy for the Flipstick shades to meld into one, ruining your lovely lip art. That being said, a bit of practice goes a long way and soon you'll be creating all kinds of cool combos!


  1. I love the Folky Pink one i think these are a great idea x

  2. These are great fun, love the idea!

  3. I've looked at these a few times but thought they might be too gimmicky. Think I'll give one a shot though. x

  4. I love these so much. I reviewed Gypsy Red on my blog a few days ago. One of my favourite lip products this year! xo


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