June 05, 2012

L'Oréal 3 for 2!

I'm a shopaholic at the best of times, but a good deal seems to suck me in like no other! I went a bit mad when Boots had all cosmetics on 3 for 2 a couple of months back, and now they have a special offer just for L'Oréal. 

Now, I have to say that L'Oréal has never really been top of my list of 'drugstore' brands. To me, they're kind of bland, and overpriced for a non-luxury brand. However, they've launched some really great stuff of late; I love their Rouge Caresse lipsticks and Colour Infallible eyeshadows. I picked up two other new products, as well as an old classic, as part of this offer.

First up, yet another lip tint! As soon as I swatched this, I knew that I needed it. It's a bright, bright pink that comes out as a rich berry tone on my lips, but if you have paler lips, the pink might be more obvious on them. It wasn't just the colour that sold me, though, it was how much product the marker dispensed. Love it, although the Rimmel ones are cheaper and almost as good, so I'd say stick to them if you're on a tight budget.


Next up: L'Oréal Super Liner Perfect Slim. I am really picky with my liquid eyeliners. They need to be extremely black, long-lasting, and non-crumbly/flaky. For the past year or so, my favourite has been Essence's liquid liner. They still haven't brought back the old packaging, though, and I've been running dangerously low! So, after hearing good things about this liner, I picked it up.

Now, I'm not usually a fan of felt-tip liquid eyeliners. Because I usually use a tiny paintbrush with gel liner, I like a really small, precise brush applicator for liquid liner too. I have used my paintbrushes but, it gets messy and I do think that the whole object of a good liquid liner is to have everything in one package.

When I used this for the first time, I was just delighted! A bit of an overstatement, I know, but it really is just a joy to use. The nib is long, thin and easy to control, and doesn't seem to dry up easily. The liner is super-black and long-lasting. I'd recommend it to liquid eyeliner newbies and mavericks alike!

Finally, I chose L'Oréal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara to round off my purchases. I've heard a lot about this as a 'classic' mascara that a lot of people swear by, namely ThePersianBabe on YouTube, who has excellent taste! As my lashes are pretty long, I prefer thickening and volumising mascaras, and this one has been working an absolute treat so far. It's on the right side of clumpy, and the brush is fantastic. 

Is there anything else from L'Oréal that I should try while this offer is still on? Let me know!

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