May 24, 2012

Take Three: Nourishing Oils

Multi-tasking nourishing oils have been a massive hit in the beauty world over the last year or so. Bio-Oil and Johnson's Baby Oil used to be pretty much the only options out there - not any more! There is a plethora of products of this type out there at the moment, so much that we've also been inundated with them for review. I thought the easiest thing to do would be to show you three that I've used and take you through what I think of each of them. Interestingly, they are all pretty much the same price!

Bearna Natural Care Argan Oil (€14.50)

If you're looking to support a 100% Irish startup, then look no further. Bearna Natural Care is owned by Trinity student Ronan McGuire and has done incredibly well over the last year or so. Although this is a Morroccan Argan Oil product, the company is named after McGuire's home town of Bearna, Co. Galway. 
This is an extremely ethical and sustainable product and comes with all kinds of certifications and assurances, containing 100% organic ingredients. It's a total multi-tasker, suitable for face, body and hair. I think this would be slightly wasted on the body as it'd go pretty quick. However, it is supposed to be good for stretch marks (althought I can't attest to this as I didn't test it on mine) so smaller amounts may suffice on those areas. 

As I have combination skin, I don't really go for oils on the face. However, I did mix this with my night-time moisturiser a few times and it really helped hydrate and plump up my skin overnight. If you have very dry, dehydrated skin, this may well be an absolute lifesaver used neat on the face.

So, obviously, I mainly used this oil on my hair. The verdict? Amazing, and well worth purchasing just for this purpose. When using this, I distribute a few drops through the length of my hair when damp, and then either style as normal or leave it to air dry. It leaves my hair baby soft and silky smooth, and I can't recommend it enough. It's a fairly priced, hardworking Irish product that has satiated my desire for Morrocanoil!

Human + Kind All-in-One Body Oil (€14.95)

As this is targeted specifically for the body, it isn't as much of a multi-tasker as the other two oils. However, it is paraben-free, contains Vitamin E and is suitable for sensitive skins. I'm not fond of the packaging - although the design of the label is cool, the bottle is an extremely lightweight plastic akin to a bottle of Coke!

This body oil is intended to rejuvenate dry or lacklustre skin and help to improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks. I don't have particularly dry skin on my body, and usually prefer lotions and body butters, but when I did use this on my skin, it was left feeling really supple the next day. I stuck to using it at night as it does take a while to soak in - I often used too much, though!

What I ended up reserving this for was the pesky stretch marks on my belly (nice, I know). After getting into the routine of applying this every night, I can definitely see a difference - they are still there, but are much less pronounced. So, if I am to recommend this, it would be for this purpose. Plus, it's made in Ireland!

The Body Shop Strawberry Beautifying Oil (€14.95)

This is my most recently acquired oil - it's new out as part of The Body Shop's new generation of products. I have a bit of a thing for this oil based on the smell alone, and have taken it out a few times purely just to sniff it! It's is another multi-tasker - suitable for body, face and hair.

The texture of this oil really sets it apart. It's a dry oil that feels very lightweight and sinks into the skin quickly without feeling sticky or greasy. It's made from a blend of three ethically sourced nut oils, and contails 99.6% natural ingredients - impressive or what? The packaging is plastic, but feels sturdier than the Human + Kind bottle did.

I've mainly been using this on my hair, and I love it. I'd say it's just as good as the Bearna Natural Care oil, but I prefer it for the fragrance. I've also used it on my skin and was surprised at how much I liked it. Again, the scent helps, but it instantly made my skin feel so smooth that I'm kind of hooked.

So, out of the three, which one would I buy again? As much as I love a good Irish product, The Body Shop oil was truly my favourite, both for the superb texture and scent. Best of all, it comes in eleven fragrances, so I'll never be sick of it. I think I'll try the pink grapefruit one next!

Do you have a favourite nourishing oil? Anything else out there that I should try?


  1. I use bio-oil on my face a few times a week. I love the sound of the body shop oil. Anything that smells like strawberries! x

  2. I'm loving the Body Shop Oil lately! :D

  3. My friend is been using The Body Shop Strawberry Beautifying Oil I've seen it has great effects on her. I want to try it on too, but does it works with oily skin?

  4. I love oils for my legs, as I have in contrary to my oily complexion, very dry skin every where but my face! I use No7 products and love them xo

  5. I absolutely love the bodyshop oils..i have mango it smell like holidays :)


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