May 19, 2012

Smells Like Summer: The Body Shop White Musk Sun Glow

White Musk is one of those infamous products from the Body Shop that we've all heard of. Love it or hate it (I'm really not a fan of the original), it's a big seller that's been around pretty much as long as The Body Shop itself.

When I received this limited edition EDT in the post, I really wasn't expecting to like it at all. I was, however, instantly enraptured with the bottle. Although it isn't a very heavy glass bottle (which does make it more handbag-friendly), it combines two of my favourite colours, pink and orange. It's lovely, simple and summery.


Now, on to the fragrance itself. I am one of many bloggers who bemoan the task of describing a fragrance through the medium of text. However, I'm trying to improve on this and will do my very best! This perfume is a really sunny, zingy scent that is the perfect blend of fresh citrus with a touch of floral, combined with a base note of musk. The press release states that the three main notes are lemon, peony and musk - I also get a bit of grapefruit, but that could just be wishful thinking as I'm slightly obsessed with grapefruit right now. 

This isn't a super-strong scent, and as it is an EDT, it won't last that long. The price plus the amount you get really makes up for this, though - it's €23.95 for 60ml, so you have plenty to play with. This fragrance was created by Domitille Bertier, who was also behind Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb, so you know you're getting something excellent! I've yet to meet someone who didn't like Sun Glow, so give it a sniff if you're in the market for a new summer scent. I'm in love!


  1. Oh lovely, need a new perfume & this sounds right up my street. I have the Body Shop Morrocan Rose perfume, fantastic value & it's nice to wear something many girls wearing the same fragrance.

    1. I must try that, love anything rose-scented! You're right, it's nice to have something a bit different x

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