May 21, 2012

Sally Hansen Complete Care 4-in-1 Treatment

Over the year plus that I've been writing on this blog, I've frequently bemoaned my poor quality fingernails. I would say it's genetic except my sister Ciara has the strongest, longest, nicest nails I've ever seen so, that's that theory out the window! 

I'm always on the lookout for products that will lengthen and strengthen my nails while also protecting them and the newest one in my arsenal is Sally Hansen Complete Care (RRP €10.95). This 4-in-1 treatment protects, strengthens, nourishes and moisturises nails to promote healthy growth and to prevent peeling, splitting and breakages.

I was sent this to try late last month and I've used it non-stop since in order to give you guys a comprehensive review. What I loved initially was the concept that it can be used as a base and top coat while also delivering the lengthening and strengthening properties I was after. 

Usually we have one product for strength, another for hydration, a separate base and top coat as well as a nail polish colour. All of these layers of product build-up to make nails really thick and more prone to chipping as well as preventing each product from acting on the nail as intended. Complete Care promises to do all of the above so, nails get the maximum benefit while also not looking bulky or thick with too many layers of product. 

After only a few days of using this under my nail polish, I noticed that my nails felt a lot harder and didn't bend as easy when they were under pressure. I also found that my culticles and nail beds were a lot less dry which has always been a big issue for me that no amount of handcream ever solved! I can't definitively say that Complete Care has helped my nails grow longer or faster but, it has definitely made them feel and look a lot healthier.

Sally Hansen Complete Care is available from all usual Sally Hansen stockists.


  1. This sounds like a lovely product and it's great to hear you're seeing positive effects after only a few days! My days are always in pretty good nick but I love to turn to Nailtiques whenever I feel they need some extra help! xo

  2. I used to have brittle and damaged nails. But when I used Sally Hansen's complete nail treatment, it brought my nails into life. It become healthy and strong.

  3. I searching for this type of nail care product.After use this sally hansen's i am also get a good nails,thanks for share the product,I love this product.

  4. sally hansen complete care 4 in 1 is shown on the post here useful post


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