May 16, 2012

Philosophy Lovin'

It always is such a big deal for me when products I usually have to source from overseas become available in Ireland. I feel like we're really far behind the like of the USA in terms of demand and interest in brands so, for years I have been getting my beauty fixes from generous relatives who don't mind going to Sephora for me on their travels! 

It was actually my boyfriend Kev's mam who introduced me to the brand Philosophy almost 8 years ago now and, since that day, I've been hooked! So, you can imagine that there was great excitement on my part when I discovered that a small edit of the brand is now available in Ireland. I think that Philosophy is exclusive to Arnott's department store in Dublin but, if this isn't the case I will update with a list of stockists if possible!

Because I work on one side of the city and Arnott's is on the other, I rarely find myself in there anymore so, I was totally oblivious to the fact this scrumptious brand had landed on our shores. I literally thought all my Christmases had come at once when I arrived home one evening to find that the brand's PR team had sent over two of Philosophy's Bath & Body products!

The flavours/scents I received were Senorita Margarita and Mimosa. I say flavours because these and all of the others I have tried over the years smell exactly like their namesakes! Senorita Margarita is exactly like a fresh, lime-laden marg while Mimosa's scent is so spot-on to the drink that it makes me thirsty just smelling it! The front of the bottle even gives you the recipe to make the drink!

Each bottle is a whopping 480ml and costs €17.50 here (It's $16 in the US). This may seem like a lot to spend on something you just wash down the drain but, it can be use as shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath so, you're getting 3 products in one!

My entire family has been lashing this on in the shower so, I don't expect it to last very long but, that'll just give me a reason to pick up another scent! I'm thinking either Cinnamon Buns or Melon Daiquiri next!


  1. Philosophy is in Boots in Liffey Valley aswell.... and I love it too!! Cinnamon Buns and Coconut Frosting all the way!!

  2. This sounds AMAZING. I must get my hands on some!

  3. I'm so happy Philosophy is here now - I was also getted stocked up when people went on holiday - hurray!

  4. I'm a true fan of philosophy's margarita body wash. Boutique Bag Lady


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