May 23, 2012

My Z Palette

If you've been reading this blog for awhile, you'll probably be aware that I have a good few MAC palettes; five to be precise, three for eyeshadow and two for blush. While I love them, they aren't at all conducive to travelling as they are just too bulky to bring altogether. 

This summer, Kev and I are going on the holiday of a lifetime and, while I want to bring some of my favourite MAC shadows and blushes, I don't want to take up valuable shopping space with a stack of palettes! So, I decided to pickup a Z Palette to keep everything neat and tidy together. 

I ordered the Large Leopard Print Z Palette from Beauty Emporium for around €22 including delivery. The large size palette fits 28 MAC eyeshadows or 8 MAC blushes which is pretty good in comparison to the 15 eyeshadows which fit in one MAC Pro Pan Palette or the 6 blushes the MAC Blush Palette can hold. For the purpose of this post, I was able to fit 16 eyeshadows and 4 blushes comfortably into the palette.

The whole base of the Z Palette is magnetised and comes with 20 magnetic sticker meaning that any potted blush or cream product can be depotted (Let me know if you'd like a post on how to depot products!) and kept in the Z Palette. Interestingly, some of the magnets on the MAC pans don't work with the Z Palette. I'm really unsure why but, I will probably just stick another magnet on the back of any loose ones (Tip: Once the included 20 magnets are used up, just pop to an arts and crafts store and pick up a huge role of magnets for around a fiver!). 

The palette itself is made of a thick cardboard. Honestly, I would prefer if this was a heavy plastic or something slightly more durable as I can imagine that this will fray at the corners with use but, it does seem sturdy enough. There is a clear thick plastic window on the lid of the palette which is brilliant for seeing what's inside, a real bugbear of anyone who has the solid black MAC palettes.

Overally, I'm genuinely pleased with the Z Palette. It will come in really handy for holidays and for any other trips I take and, while it isn't exactly cheap, it does hold a lot of product and doesn't discriminate between brands as MAC palettes do i.e. only MAC pans fit. I can see myself buying Z Palettes in the future over MAC palettes and I may even pick one up in the small size for an even more travel-friendly option!

Do you have a Z Palette?


  1. I have 2! You're right they do get a bit battered, but despite looking a bit worse for wear they still do the job perfectly. On a day-to-day basis it's my 2 Z Palettes that I go to! :)

  2. ive been thinking of getting a z palette too to help organize my stash!

  3. I have a similar one from etsy. Think the seller is called a soft black star. It's water proof and double sided too.

  4. Oh I would love this. Think I will have to buy one now. Great for travelling


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