May 15, 2012

Lush Newbies

I seriously love Lush, but it seems that I kind of forgot that fact for a couple of months. However, a spur-of-the-moment trip to their Grafton Street branch at the weekend fixed me!

Sometimes I love speed-shopping. You know when you just run in, scan the shelves with more concentration than Einstein himself, and leg it out with just what you wanted/needed? Yeah, that. I was really quick in Lush on Saturday (probably because I was starving and about to go for dinner), and it actually worked to my advantage. I came out with two really good products that I'd been meaning to try, and I didn't break the bank either.

The first thing I grabbed was Happy Hippy shower gel. I got the medium bottle, which is about €7 and lasts ages. I was previously so obsessed with It's Raining Men that I kind of made myself sick of it, so I decided to try something else. Happy Hippy is basically a zingy, refreshing shower gel. I really like the shower gels that Lush do, as they lather up really well, last ages, and also work great in the hair!

I was going to just stop there, but of course I didn't. I ran out of my Dark Angels ages ago, so was in the market for another Lush cleanser. I went with Herbalism - I've only used it about three times so far, but I already love it. It's not as abrasive as Dark Angels but still provides some gentle exfoliation.

It's recommended for oily/combination skin, but I reckon that even normal skin would like this as it feels quite gentle. It leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and fresh - as soon as I used it I made a mental note to never leave myself without a Lush cleanser again! I'm a massive advocate of a good skincare routine using French pharmacy products, but Lush cleansers are second on my list of recommended products for my skin type. The difference they make is amazing, and it's mostly all natural. They also last me a long time, so are well worth the €8 or so!

What's your favourite Lush product? Anything else that I should try? I'm thinking Ocean Salt and maybe a facemask...enable me!!


  1. Ocean Salt is really lovely! :) It lives my skin all beautiful and radiant looking. BUT it is very harsh though, so I wouldn't recommend it if you have anyway sensitive skin.

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  3. I had to stop using Herbalism, as it was giving me bad skin, so disappointed when so many others love it so much!

  4. I have oily skin so I'm really tempted to try out Herbalism now!

  5. I'm the same I love just going in and out of a shop quick! Have you tried the Buffy Body Bar? I find it really good:) x

  6. love the happy hippy, got some for my ma and she loves it!!!

  7. I love Lush! My favourite product, and one I'd really recommend, is brazened honey from the fresh face masks range! It's my absolute favourite face mask now! xo

  8. I've become obsessed with Lush skincare quite recently. I agree, try Ocean Salt. It's a great exfoliator. Also, Angels on Bare Skin is a gorgeous cleanser, it leaves my skin feeling so soft. Vanishing Cream is the perfect moisturizer for oily skin. Cupcake face mask leaves you glowing and Mask of Magnaminty is so refreshing! Phew, loads of faves there! xx


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