May 09, 2012

Korres Lip Butters: Stick-v-Pot

If you've been in the beauty community for any length of time at all, either as a reader or a blogger, you'll probably have heard of Korres Lip Butters. Everyone, especially USA-based beauty people, rave about them and I was absolutely thrilled to get my hands on the Greek brand's Lip Butter pot in Jasmine late last year. I have used this to death and there is hardly any product left so, you can probably imagine how excited and intrigued I was to come home from work one day and find that I had been sent one of the new Korres Lip Butter sticks! However, from the first application, I did notice that there were some differences between the pot version and the stick so, I thought I would do a comparison post for any of you who are interested!

I gave the pot of Lip Butter a pretty concise review in the post last year and all of what I said still stands. However, to reiterate, I love this stuff! It's creamy, smooth, glossy and smell delectably like Dulce de Leche (If you've never had this, get some and pour it over ice-cream!). The shade Jasmine gives a subtle pinky nude tint to the lips and is perfect for wearing to work, the gym or anywhere else you don't want to look too made up!

However, my number one issue with this remains to be the packaging. Not only is the pot unhygienic but, it gets really messy and sticky and it seems that ever bit of hair, fluff and lint in my room migrates to the rim of this pot and gets stuck to the product. It's also very awkward to use the pot when you're out and about as you really need a mirror and, again, it's not the most hygienic thing to be whipping out when your on public transport!

The Lip Butter Sticks use mandarin oil to hydrate and nourish the lips. Where the potted balms are quite creamy and glossy, the stick balm is harder and smoother and leaves lips with a subtle sheen rather than an all-out shine. Below is the shade Peach and it gives a light orange-peach hue to the lips. I would say that if you already have highly pigmented lips to begin with, this probably won't show up on them. 

Where the Lip Butter pots fall down in terms of hygiene and ease of use, the Lip Butter Sticks pick up the slack. The usual twistable mechanism ensures that no germs carried on fingers touch the stick while solid balm and light tint make it possible to apply without looking in the mirror. The delectable caramel scent is, however, a lot less pronounced with the stick balm which, since I love it so much, is a shame!

Swatches: Stick (Top) and Pot (Bottom)

While the Korres Lip Butter Pot and Mandarin Lip Butter Stick differ in terms of pigmentation, consistency, usability and finish, I can't really pick one over the other! Both are €9.00, both contain around 6g of product and both are extremely moisturising, smooth and comfortable to wear. If you don't have one already and are interested in getting one, I would recommend the stick balm purely because it is the more portable of the two and easier to use on-the-go but, you won't be disappointed by either. As it stands, I keep the dregs of the pot with my make-up and slick it on before I head out to work and I have the stick in my handbag for touch-ups. 

Korres is available from House of Fraser and Debenhams!


  1. hmmm regardless of what the product is like inside I much prefer the look of the pots, they look a bit posh I think and I like to quietly show it off when i get it out of my bag! Sad I know!

  2. Oh love Korres cause they're cruelty free, these look lovely want to try now!!

  3. Really want some Korres lip products! Heard great things of them xo

  4. I love the little pots, can't wait to try the sticks though, definitely easier to use when you're out.

  5. Thanks for the review, I was thinking about buying one last year and nobody had written a comparison.
    It's also lovely to know that the pots smell like Dulce de Leche - I love that stuff!!

    To anyone reading, please check out my blog sale - I have a ton of good stuff coming up (MAC, Bare Minerals, Vincent Longo) and I would really appreciate it. xx


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