May 31, 2012

Inglot Obsession

So...I did it again. We all know that I have a bit of an issue with Inglot, almost rivalling Sinéad's MAC fetish! Since the Jervis branch opened, I've built up quite the Inglot collection, from blush to brushes. However, it is their eyeshadows that keep me coming back for more...this is my, er, fourth palette.

 I put some money aside for this a while ago, and knew going in that I wanted three matte and two shimmery shades, and that one of the mattes would be a super-pale pink. I really wanted a shade of this kind after Heather Does Makeup blogged about Illamasqua Wicked eyeshadow. She creates the most amazing eye looks, so if that's one of her favourite shades, I knew that it had to be mine!

Here's a quick rundown of the shades, from left to right:

Matte 347
Matte 341
AMC Shine 31
Matte 378
Pearl 423

And swatches:

Pretty, right?! I'm such a sucker for these palettes. I love how ergonomic and portable they are - mine are all stacked up together neatly, which pleases me greatly! I've yet to try a smokey eye with these shades, and instead opted for a lighter look with the three matte colours as well as my favourite highlight colour ever on the inner corners, Pearl 393.

I really liked how this turned out and have been reaching for this palette almost daily since I bought it. I'm particularly obsessed with the pale pink shade - it instantly makes me look so much more alive, and looks fab even on its own. The shade actually reminds me of Benefit's Eye Bright, which I have used and loved for years. The beige shade is also an amazing crease colour - if you liked Buck from the Naked Palette, you'll get along really well with this. Inglot mattes are just so good - really easy to work with and blend.

On my face, I'm also wearing:

Vichy Dermablend Foundation
Laura Mercier Mineral Powder
Benefit Coralista
MAC Harmony 
Sleek Eyebrow Kit
Inglot Gel Liner
Avon Superextend Extreme Mascara
Clarins Colour Quench Lip Balm in shade 09

Are you an Inglot fan? Are there any other Inglot products that I should try? Enable me!


  1. Uuuhmazing colours! I have a good few lipsticks from them too. Have you tried?

    1. Oooh Laura the day I bought this I was actually going to buy a pink lipstick but I was good and put it back! I still really want it though. X

  2. Gorgeous! Wish there was an Inglot in Galway! I've yet to make the visit to one! Blasphemous I know! :(

    1. It'll be well worth the journey Orla! X

  3. I wish Inglot was more available in Ireland...oh well..a good excuse for a shopping trip I think! :D xx

  4. Looking fab, Inglot eyeshadows really look lovely must take a peek!

  5. Love the colours you chose! I have a good few inglot products now, And I love them all! :D x

  6. Oh my god since your first inglot post I too have built up 4 of the 5 pan palettes you have created a monster. Going to invest in some blushes and lipstick soon too :-)

  7. Lovely mixture of shades Dee, I'm a sucker for their shadows too :)


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