May 02, 2012

Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara

There has been a lot of mixed reactions within the beauty community about Eyeko's recent rebranding; some love it and some hate it. I don't have much of a prior history with the brand as it's not readily available in Ireland so, when I was sent the Skinny Brush Mascara (€18.00) to try, I was intrigued.


I've seen gurus like Pixiwoo using this mascara in a number of their videos so, I had high hopes for it. One of three Eyeko mascaras (the others being Fat Brush and Curvy Brush), Skinny Brush Mascara is intended for "elongated, eye-catching elegance". Seems like a whole load of jargon to me but, I presume they mean it to have a lengthening, eye-opening effect on lashes.

Each Eyeko mascara has a different wand. The bristles of the Skinny mascara wand vary in length and are dispersed in a double-helical, or spiraled, pattern. I think the brush is awesome just to look at but, in practice, it takes more than a bit of getting used to.

Initially, I found that too many of my lashes were getting caught between each spiral and were clumping together. However, I went back and watched how Pixiwoo used the wand and soon got the hang of pressing it to the base of my lashes and wiggling it from side-to-side in order to evenly space the lashes. The resulting affect is pretty spectacular with my lashes looking long and fanned out.

The new mascara packaging has been a big bone of contention with other beauty bloggers. Personally, I'm not fussed either way. It's a bit different, a bit unique and is quite minimalistic but, at the end of the day, it's what's inside that matters.

And, what's inside is, genuinely, a nice product. I have to assume that all of the mascaras have the same or a very similar formula and it is just the different brushes that produce different lash effects (in the same way that Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara works) but, I really do like the result of the Skinny brush. It's not as lengthening as the Avon SuperExtend Extreme mascara but, it's not far behind.


My main gripe about this mascara is one which I consider to be quite important. It seems water-resistant, though not marketed as such, and takes a good oil-based remover to get it off fully. I usually take the majority of my mascara off when cleansing my face and then remove any excess with a remover. However, I've noticed that the Eyeko doesn't respond well to water and the mascara seems to go a bit tacky and harden on the lashes, clumping them together and taking time to remove.


  1. I agree with everything you said here. I do really like it (older packaging - but basically still the same!) but it's a nightmare to remove. It even makes me reluctant to use it as often because I dread taking it off :(

    1. So glad it's not just me! Have lost lashes trying to take it off!

    2. im so afraid myself of mascaras that take loads of effort to remove!

  2. Still testing this out to review, finding it a bit hard to review so will use this technique and give it another go!

  3. I haven't tried the Eyeko mascaras mostly because I've taken a dislike against their up-packaging process. I always thought of Eyeko as a budget brand and can't bring myself to pay the £15.
    S xx


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