May 09, 2012

Catrice Coolibri Collection for Summer

Just a quick post for y'all this evening to give a heads up on Catrice's incoming Coolibri collection. Out in July, this set is a feast of tropical shades and summer-friendly textures. Think easy-to wear eye and cheek tints, summery lip balms and colourful nail polishes.

 Even though I already own far too many lip tints,  I'm still really interested in this Jelly Cheek Tint, €4.49. This kind of product always lasts me ages, and coupled with that packaging for under a fiver, I am sold!

Next up, I'm dying to swatch these Eye Shadow Pens (€3.99) Available in C01 Precious Nectar,
C02 Birds Flying High, C03 Virgin Forest and C04 Exotica, they're billed as a soft shadestick-type product.

Pale liquid eyeliner is a bit of an odd one, right? However, since I saw Illamasqua's take on it, I get it. In the same way that a nude pencil wakes up the eyes, a pale liquid eyeliner is great for making us look alive. This shimmery Golden Glow Eyeliner is a total bargain at €3.49, and I've had nothing but good experiences with Essence and Catrice liquid eyeliners. 

Lipstick/balm hybrids have been the biggest news in terms of beauty this year - and here we have another take on the trend. Colour Refreshing Balm, €5.49 is one of those products that reacts with the pH level of your skin and turns it a rosy pink/red shade that is totally individual to you (like Smashbox O-Glow). I want this badly, the packaging is also a total winner!

Now, neither Sinéad or I are really into lip gloss, but I know that plenty of you guys are, and these colours are so pretty that I'm actually tempted! Nectar Gloss will be €4.29 and comes in four shades; C01 Birds Flying High, C02 Feathery Pink, C03 Gorgeous Blossom and C04 Exotica.

Now, the nail polishes. These are the absolute jewels of this collection and are bound to sell out fast. Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer is pretty decent and is a cheap treat at €2.79. I'm mad about all of these shades, but the orange is my favourite - it might even be a decent dupe for the soon-to-be-released Chanel Holiday! The five shades are called C01 Birds Flying High, C02 Twist of Lemon, C03 Abloom, C04 Exotica and C05 Virgin Forest.

See anything you like here? Are you a fan of Catrice?


  1. LOVING the look of the lipstain/balm! The revlon one is actually kind of drying and I love the colour changing ones they're always perfect!
    Cant wait to try!!

  2. I want it all!! Love the price range of Catrice products and the packaging of this collection looks really high end! Hurry up July so I can try :)

  3. think I'm gonna skip this one even though the polishes are quite pretty (too bad I don't like their usual nail polish texture/formula...).

  4. Can't wait to try the jelly cheek tint and the lipstick/balm but i can see myself buying more than just those two with the prices of these! :)

  5. Do you know when they will arrive in Ireland im a sucker for new Catrice products hehe you have me extited now :) :)


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