April 04, 2012

Weleda Skin Food

You might remember, months and months ago, I posted about Victoria Beckham's self-confessed skincare secret. It was cheap, it was cheerful and, because it wasn't readily available here, I promptly forgot about it.

Fast-forward a few months to me getting a package containing a little shiny green tube. I knew it looked familiar but, I couldn't quite place what it was or why I knew it. And, then, I clocked it. This was the Vicky B skin secret and I couldn't wait to try it. It is, of course, Weleda Skin Food (€6.25/30ml or €11.75/75ml) and it's now available from Nourish and other select health and beauty stores around the country.

Along with Posh Spice, household names like Adele, Rihanna, Lara Stone and Helena Christiensen all swear by it and, having trialled it for about a month now, it's easy to see why.

Formulated in 1926 for people with overworked and dehydrated skin, Weleda is packed full of organic sunflower seed oil and calming chamomile as well as extracts of wild pansy, calendula and rosemary to refresh and rejuvenate even the most lackluster of complexions.

I've mentioned a lot over the last few months how my skin has dried out considerably and has become generally clogged and congested. I began by applying this as a nourishing masque overnight and the results were mindbogglingly amazing. My skin was incredibly soft and looked plump and fresh when I woke up. At night, after removing my make-up, I could feel the soothing effects of the Skin Food as it sank into the freshly washed and slightly aggravated skin. And what a lovely feeling that is!

After experiencing such good results on my face, I have recently started slathering this everywhere I have a dry patch; elbows, ankles, knees and even on my eczema. If I could sum up how this cream works in one phrase it would be "from the inside out". It seems to soak into skin and then clear out the dryness, keeping it hydrated for longer than any other moisturiser I've tried, facial oils included.

I would warn against those of you with oily skin trying this however. It is extremely thick and packed full of oils which you probably don't want to be adding to your skin. It's touted as being for dry and rough skin and, really, that's all it should be used for.

I'm almost out of this first tube but, I'll definitely be picking up the larger one as soon as possible! 


  1. too bad is full of oils and extra greasy, I have combinated but dehydrated skin and still seaarching for a good night cream, which I could apply after makeup removal, showering or exfoliating. the packaging is cool, though :D

  2. Agree this is a godsend if you have dry skin!

  3. Want. NEED. I've been thinking about this forever, will be buying ASAP!


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