April 13, 2012

Gillette Venus Pro Skin Sensitive

When the Gillette Venus Pro Skin Sensitive razor landed at my door, I was genuinely intrigued. As you're all probably sick of hearing by now, I have eczema scarring on my legs and the newest razor to join the Gillette Venus family is designed specially for women who need to protect their skin as they shave. It aims to reduce the feeling of irritation, even on the most sensitive of skins, while still giving a close shave and a smooth result.

As any of you who have sensitive skin will know, shaving over it or even near it can be fairly excruciating. The likelihood of razor burn is increased, as is the possibility of a nick or cut on the uneven skin surface. In my case, the scarring is slightly raised and, more than once, I have caught it at the wrong angle with a razor blade and have torn myself to shreds so, anything to help prevent such occurrences is a welcome advancement as far as I am concerned!

What sets the Venus Pro Skin Sensitive apart from its predecessors is the razor head itself. Five floating blades are closely-spaced across the centre of the head. This structure aims to reduce pressure while still shaving close to the skin's surface. There is also an extra-rich protective moisture strip to shield sensitive skin and reduce overall irritation while a further strip lubricates the skin and helps the razor glide more smoothly.

All of these new features have deemed a larger razor head necessary. While this doesn't sound like too much of an issue, I did find it a bit cumbersome when shaving under my arms as the area is much smaller but, on my legs, the increased number of blades and larger size meant that it took half the time it usually does to shave them! Gillette have also incorporated a soft, rubberized handle into the Pro Skin Sensitive to maximise grip, even when in the bath or shower. Let me tell you, when you've been using disposable razors with plastic handles up until now, this seems like the Rolls Royce of razor handles!

The razor itself costs €11.59 and with that comes one blade and a Showerpod; a space-age contraption that holds your spare blades and the razor and sticks to the tiles of your bathroom. Ingenious, no?!

I find that you should get around three full leg shaves from one blade before it blunts and needs replacing but, I presume this would depend on how much hair you have and how coarse it is. The replacement cartridges are sold in packs of three for €11.29 and, to swap the blades over, you just eject the used one by sliding the button on the handle, open the new blade cartridge and click the handle into place on the fresh blade. Simple! There is also a Satin Care Pure & Delicate shaving foam as part of the range for €3.99 and, while this might seem like a funny product to mention, when you're dealing with sensitive skin, shaving foam is your best friend for reducing friction and keeping the skin hydrated. Though, I imagine any shaving cream or foam would do the trick!

The Venus Pro Skin Sensitive is a revelation when compared to the disposable razors I usually use! The rubberised contour handle gives me a lot more grip than the thin plastic one of the disposables while the larger head means that more area is covered and faster.

However, the big selling point for me, and the point that will lead me to repurchase the Sensitive blades in future, is how little they irritate my skin. The five blades on each head give a really close shave which you would think would upset already-sore skin but, the addition of the lubricating strips seems to counteract this and avoid any unnecessary dragging or tugging.

The one downside is that you'll probably need to replace the blades a lot quicker than with a traditional razor as, once the lubricant wears away/dries up, the shaving action will probably start to aggravate sore spots. However, if spending €12 or so every three months prevents me from nicking my eczema or causing it to become roaring red and sore as these blades have proven themselves to do, I can definitely justify the spend and am happy to part with my cash.

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  1. Thanks your review helped me alot :)
    I have very sensitive skin on my legs and i haven't found my favorite shaving method yet. I'm definitelly gonna try this razor, nice blog :)


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