April 18, 2012

Avon SuperExtend Extreme Mascara

I've made no secret of the fact that I am an absolute fiend for mascara. I'm not naturally blessed with the most incredible lashes so, I rely on some excellent products to get them looking long, luscious and thick. 

As you know, Dee and I are both huge fans of Avon's SuperSHOCK and SuperSHOCK MAX mascaras so, I was really interested to see whether the brands newest offering, SuperExtend Extreme Mascara, promising longer looking lashes, could live up to its incredible predecessors.

Formula: SuperExtend Extreme is a fibre-laden mascara. Basically, the tube is full of tiny, fine fibres that literally attach themselves to your lashes, increasing the length. I can't guarantee that lashes look up to 87% longer as Avon claim but, they are noticably longer and fuller looking.

I was a bit apprehensive about using this as I am a contact lens wearer and I had visions (excuse the pun!) of the fibres getting caught under the lens and scratching my eyeball to shreds. That hasn't happened at all in the weeks that I have been trialling this. In fact, the fibres don't seem to detach until I remove my make-up at night!

With this formula, I find it better if I don't curl the lashes pre-application as the fibres add enough curl themselves. Despite this not being waterproof (though a waterproof formula is available), I don't find that there is any smudging, flaking or transference during the day. It's also nigh on impossible to get this mascara to clump.

Packaging: Honestly, I kind of hate the tube SuperExtend Extreme comes in. I think it looks cheap and dated and not at all as luxurious as that of SuperSHOCK MAX. Obviously though, it's the product inside that matters and not the tubing!

Applicator: The SuperExtend Extreme wand is really nothing special. It has very flexible bristles that distribute the fibres evenly through the lashes but, it's nothing we haven't seen from a mascara wand before.

Verdict: With Avon SuperExtend Extreme Mascara, it really is all about the formula. The packaging and the wand are somewhat underwhelming but, I can overlook this due to the incredible length, volume and definition it gives my lashes. 


One coat seems to be enough to get a really black, really dramatic effect but, I have shown what two coats looks like below just for comparison. 


For €13 you are getting one hell of a mascara that rivals the likes of ModelCo Fibre Lash but, for a third of the price. Avon have really done well with this one, developing a really stellar formula and I can't recommend it enough.


  1. It looks great on! xo

    1. Thanks, I don't have the best lashes so, anything to add a bit of oomph!

  2. Great blog, lashes look great!- I love trying different mascaras too, Falsies is great!


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