April 09, 2012

Avon Nailwear Pro+: The Verdict

I've made no secret of the fact that I love to have full collections of things; book series', DVDs, the lot. It niggles at me when I'm missing one or two of something and, over the months of writing this blog, I found out that I'm not alone and that a lot of you have the same odd compulsion! So, you can probably imagine my sheer delight when a bag bearing the full and complete collection of Avon's new Nailwear Pro+ line landed with me! Utter heaven!

Dee gave you a sneak peak of the range when she attended the launch last month and now, having taken the time to try them thoroughly, I'm here with a full and comprehensive review to prepare you for the launch in May.

The Nailwear Pro+ line has undergone a transformation and has been reformulated and expanded to include 13 core shades with more expected to join them over the course of the year. There's a great mix of creams, metallics, pastels, brights and darks as well as a clear thrown in for good measure and each 12ml polish will retail for €8.

Containing diamond dust, calcium and keratin, Nailwear Pro+ polishes have an improved acrylic strength formula that Avon claim increases nail strength and seals nails for a chip-resistant finish that lasts for 12 days.

I rarely keep my nail polish on for more than a few days but, even with my Holy Grail topcoat, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, I can't fathom the Nailwear Pro+ polishes lasting for more than four days unscathed. I painted my nails with Coral Reef the day before I went to Amsterdam in March and by the end of my fourth day there the polish had started to loosen and peel around the nail beds. However, I don't think that anyone would turn their noses up at a 4-5 day manicure and, at least with us beauty junkies, we never go much longer than that without changing up our colour!

The initial shade selection Avon have come up with is really, really great. There's bound to be something for everyone and for every occasion here and, by only focusing on two finishes; metallic and cream, there isn't too much information for the customer to be bombarded with. While I would love to see Avon develop some glitter polishes as part of the Nailwear Pro+ line, the upshot of the limited finishes is that they've both been developed really well and are a pleasure to work with.

The Creams

The Metallics

Application is pretty dreamy for all of the polishes. The darker shades of both the creams and metallics are one-coaters if you get a good, even layer while the rest are fully opaque after two thin layers. I thought that the mint green shade, Sea Breeze, seemed a bit streaky when I was applying it to the swatch wheel but, I have it on my nails as I type and it applied evenly and without streaking.

Two of the lightest shades, Star and Romance, are metallic which I think was a bit of a mistake on Avon's part. The pale hues coupled with the frosty finish give the impression of a polish your granny might wear! I wish that these, especially the lavender-toned Romance, had been given a cream finish to make them more appealing.

Clear, Star, Lemon Sugar, Pastel Pink and Romance

The four shades swatched below are my absolute favourites. Bright, creamy and opaque, these shades scream summertime for me. Sea Breeze is a dead ringer for Chanel's famous Nouvelle Vague while Coral Reef is the most amazing and unique neon pink-coral shade! Oh, and I love that the hot pink is called Viva Pink! Meant to be, perhaps?! 

Sea Breeze, Coral Reef, Viva Pink and Real Red

Finally, we have the polishes that fall at the darker end of the spectrum. These are definitely more wintertime appropriate for me at least and I love, love, love the glossy pure black shade, Licorice! It's super chic and timeless. The silver Starry Sky gives a great tin-foil/silver leaf effect to the nails and is not a million miles away from another huge Chanel release, Graphite. 

Decadence, Cosmic Blue, Starry Sky and Licorice

As with any new release, there are going to be teething problems. The 12 days claim, based on the results of a consumer study of 100 people, is setting us up to be disappointed. Conversely, I think a promise of four or five days of full, unblemished wear is more realistic, attainable and impressive in the current nail polish market (I LOVE that there is a "current nail polish market"!).

While the frosty pastels don't appeal to me personally, I do understand that the core line is about achieving the best possible reach and the maximum take-up by the public. These shades may appeal to someone who would balk at the thought of wearing some of the more imposing shades like Licorice or Coral Reef on their talons, preferring something more neutral and less obnoxious.

As you've probably already discerned, I  love the new Nailwear Pro+ line overall! I think Avon have hit the, excuse the pun, nail on the head with this initial core collection. It appeals to the masses, competes with and challenges brands at its level and higher and is formulated to perfection. I'm really excited to see where Avon plan on taking the range over the next few months and, as I mentioned above, I'm holding out hope for some glitters!

You can find your nearest Avon representative here


  1. They look lovely, thank god nothing is jumping out at me screaming "buy me NOW!" though! I'm not sure if I love this new frosted trend, it's all a bit Nana's-Old-Cutex for my liking. Also would love to see some glitter! xx

  2. Oh wowza. Hmmmm....I'll need to grow more fingers...but it'll be worth it! :)


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