March 30, 2012

Viva Irish: La Bougie Luxury Candles

A couple of weeks ago we were contacted by a new luxury candle company based in West Cork and asked if we would like to try some of their products. La Bougie only launched its first candle on Valentine's Day this year and, due to the overwhelming response, followed up rapidly with a further two scents in March.

What sets La Bougie from the standard high-street candles is that all of their perfumes are created from scratch while the glass tumblers used to house the candles are hand-carved and painted in the company's Chandlery on the coast near Bandon. By the time a La Bougie candle arrives with you, it will have been through over thirty individual processes to ensure that it is of high quality and standard.

Available in three sizes; Valise, Salon and Longere, La Bougie candles range in price from €25.00 to €50.00. Quite clearly, these aren't a cheap scent-fix but, when you see the obvious work that went into the candle's production and the exquisite presentation, you can't help but want to present one to someone as a housewarming gift or birthday present!

The scent I opted for was Cox and Carnation; a modern blend of vanilla, apple and a spicy floral note. The other scents currently available are the lighter Sweet Pear and Pear the sensual Rockrose and Oudh. My candle came in the smaller Valise tumbler and, when I say the packaging took my breath away, I genuinely mean it! 

The black and white monogrammed bag was accented with a cream ribbon and a heavy metal disc bearing the La Bougie logo. Inside, the candle was wrapped in layers of scented La Bougie tissue paper which unraveled to unveil the etched-glass tumbler. Simply gorgeous.

And as for the scent? Think apple crumble, laced with cinnamon, nutmeg and other spices; utterly sinful! The entire house was filled with the scent within about half an hour of lighting putting match to wick and the heady spices were still lingering in the air the next morning. 

We all know that I am not one to shun luxury and I appreciate the finer things in life and, when they're worth it, I don't mind paying above the odds for them. La Bougie is one of those products for me and the fact that it's an Irish company is an added bonus. 

La Bougie has the potential to be the Irish Jo Malone; from their aesthetic down to their unique scent blends. I would absolutely love to see them branching out into luxury fragrances and will be keeping a close eye on where the brand goes next. My guess? They'll only go up in the world!


  1. wow, so cute. :)

  2. La Bougie's custom packaging of its products complement the luxury products they offer. This makes the company ahead with its competitors.


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