March 23, 2012

Veet EasyWax: Tried, Tested and Reviewed

When an email plopped into my inbox about two weeks ago my interest was piqued by the subject-line alone. Not because I had been dying for the info on this product, as so often is the case but, because my mam had literally just been telling me about it the day before.

The product in question, as you may have gleaned from the title of this post and accompanying pictures is the Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit (€37.49 RRP); the hair removal giant's foray into a home warm-waxing kit. I was sent a press sample of the kit to trial so, being the total genius I am, I passed it along to my mam to try as she has used Veet on-and-off for years when between salon waxes and I thought she could give us all a decent idea of how it stacks up against the more traditional Veet products and the costly salon experience.

With mammy suitably chuffed, we decided to spend one Sunday afternoon Veet-ing her legs into oblivion (Note: I didn't try this myself because I have really fair hair and it grows at snails pace. Mammy, conversely, has dark hair that, while sparse, grows quite quickly. I also dislike self-inflicted pain!).

The Kit

The main start-up kit itself is quite neat and complete. It consists of the electrically heated waxing "wand", for want of a better word and comes with a plug and stand as well as one waxing cartridge for legs and arms, waxing strips and finishing wipes.

The wand/cartridge mechanism is sleek and cleverly-designed. It is comfortable to hold and the method for dispersing the wax is neat and hygienic. The stand is useable but, a bit flimsy and something with higher sides would have been more secure as the wand seemed to wobble and topple quite easily.

While the start-up kit is, itself, quite pricey, the refills are relatively well-priced with both the Easy Wax Refill Legs & Arms and the Easy Wax Refill Bikini & Underarms retailing for €12.49. With each refill delivering up to four waxes, this works out a lot cheaper than your average salon trip.

The Claims

As I mentioned, each waxing cartridges promises up to at least four waxes and comes with 12 waxing strips and four finishing wipes. The four uses claim is based on doing both half-legs (I'm not sure what this equates to for the bikini and underarm kit.). Veet EasyWax also promises salon-perfect results from home.

The Verdict

Now, while my mam's legs aren't the hairiest, she used eight waxing strips in the one lower-leg session which, quite clearly, will not let you do four waxes without buying more strips (Conveniently, Veet sell these separately. Y' know, just in case!). You can be clever and stock up on waxing strips in bulk from Sally's or a similar salon services store but, quite frankly, you shouldn't have to.

There is a bit of an oddity here which I feel I must point out. The Veet website says that the starter kit comes with "12 reusable and washable fabric strips". That would be bloody amazing except for the fact that the instruction leaflet contained within the kit says in capital letters "THIS WAX CANNOT BE RINSED OFF WITH WATER" so, somewhere down the line, something has gotten lost in translation! 

Despite the fact that she used more than the allotted number of strips for a half-leg wax and that her legs aren't that hairy, she says that she is bowled over by the results. She expected it to be a total gimmick and not to work all that well but, it genuinely does give salon-esque results and, once you get into the rhythm of applying the wax and ripping it off, you can be a lot more thorough than a beautician has the time to be.

The process is simple and the instructions are clear; heat wax, apply wax in direction of hair growth, rip off against hair growth. She also stressed that the finishing wipes provided are amazing and better than any of the creams used by the beautician to remove residual wax from the skin. Also, and probably most importantly, there is zero pain involved, only a mild discomfort if anything.

Mammy's Tips

  • Cut the waxing strips in half to maximise control and get the best result from each strip.

  • Allow the wax to heat up for at least 30 minutes. The instructions suggest 20 minutes is optimal but, the wax doesn't flow freely at the latter time and is patchy when applied and can tug at the skin. 

  • Apply wax liberally. An opaque layer seems to optimise hair removal and make the whole process more efficient.

  • Don't leave the strip on the wax for too long. The wax will harden and the strip will be sorer to rip off.

  • If you have very hairy legs, enlist the help of a friend/sister/daughter/willing hubby as the backs are hard to reach and de-fuzz fully!

Veet EasyWax versus Traditional Veet

"There is no comparison," was my mam's actual quote and, as someone who gets regular salon waxes as well as using Veet between times, that's saying a lot.

The most obvious difference aside from the nature of the wax is the absence of the infamous Veet smell which is a huge bonus as people despise it.

Results-wise, you get out of it what you put in. Patience, a methodical approach so you don't miss hairs and a steady hand will yield the best result and the best result is easily a good ten times better than any normal Veet product and just as good if not better than a professional job.

I think it is safe to say that Veet have one happy customer in my mam! She says that she will repurchase the wax cartridges once this one is empty and could see herself forgoing salon waxes altogether once her technique with this kit gets good enough! 

Who know, with that kind of endorsement, maybe I could see myself giving the kit a shot after all! 


  1. Great review sinead! I refuse to shave but hate being a slave to trousers after week three! ill definitely be investing! x

  2. I'm keen in trying this, but I haven't really read any reviews saying it's great! Great review.


  3. omg im so getting this! i saw a therapist use it and its so efficient! I can wax myself normally but Im definately gona try this out

  4. used this just today, great results, quick and efficient.
    Caution: use the strip directly after you put the wax on, if it dries it doesn't come off.
    Strips can not be reused, if wax goes on fingers it is not easy to come off as it is not water-soluble.

  5. JUST bought this for 20 of my not so hard earned bucks and I am chomping at the bit to try it out!
    De-fuzzing my gorilla legs will have to wait until after my exams! Curses!

  6. Nice!
    Simple to use and quick results!
    I love it!

  7. Really wanna buy this product.. This is so awesome.. Veet is doing a great job, with so many new products.. such a help for all d young gals :)


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