March 06, 2012

Review: Lush Dark Angels

Lush is a brand that really seems to polarise people; some are obsessive over their products, whilst others can't bear to even enter the shop due to the (misleading) strong scent that wafts from the entrance. In my opinion, and having tried a lot of their stuff at this stage, I really do think that Lush has something for everyone. I can think of Lush products that would suit my mam, granny, brother...even my Dad, who has a beauty routine that can only be described as Victorian.

Anyways, my point here is that if you haven't tried Lush yet, you should definitely give them a go. Their cleansers are a good place to start, although 'cleanser' is really a misleading name. The vast majority of Lush cleansers won't actually remove your makeup, and should really be labelled as exfoliators.

Dark Angels was my last Lush purchase, and it is an exfoliator that means serious business. If you don't have oily, acne-prone or combination skin, this will not suit you. However, if you do fall into this category, this can be a total lifesaver. The formula is extremely thick, grainy and jet black. It smells of liquorice and, er, charcoal, which I hate but it's well worth putting up with. The best way to use this is to mix a small amount with a little water and rub gently onto your face. There are large grains of sugar in this which leave your skin baby-soft and totally oil-free.

This is a very abrasive product, which should only be used 2-3 times a week. I keep it in the shower and sometimes even use it as a face mask for a couple of minutes. Overall, this is probably my favourite Lush 'cleanser' so far, it has seriously helped my complexion and made my skin feel softer than it had been in years. I think that prolonged use can really help keep oily skin at bay, and my seventeen year old brother who has a little bit of teenage acne also really liked it. It's also awesome value at about €7, as a tub will last you an age. Well worth the mess and smell - go get it!


  1. I love Lush! They really do have something for everyone :)

  2. I love Dark Angels and have been using it for ages but never thought to use it as a face mask! great tip thanks a mil! :) x

  3. It really is great for an occasional exfoliator! My skin is a total mix bag so it worked wonders. Love it... although it does smell like bog ground. Horrific smell!

  4. I found this pretty harsh on my face to be honest so I switched to herbalism and it was a lot better but still not a huge fan even though I'm mad into the organic stuff! Anyways thanks for sharing! xx


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