March 07, 2012

"My Skin Was Drier Than A..."

...feel free to finish that sentence with your favourite rudie joke!

I've always been lucky with my skin. It's generally normal in type so, no extremes of oiliness or dryness to contend with. However, the downside to this skintype is that it's blatantly obvious when I have dry/oily patches because I don't have the first notion of how to deal with them.

Last week was a case in point. The skin between my eyebrows was dryer than the Sahara. Without make-up, it was fine; no tightness, no obviously uneven patches but, once a smidgeon of make-up touched that area of my face, BOOM!, I looked like Godzilla on a bad day.

Every conceivable type of make-up; foundation, tinted moisturiser, powder, all settled around the dry patches of my skin and within an hour of application there were visibly delineated scales on my face. Sexy, no?! I tried everything I could think of; primer, no primer, light moisturiser, heavy moisturiser, scrubs, masques, no combination of products would work.

So, in my hour of need and despair, I turned to our loyal Twitter followers, always ready to help and always full of good ideas. Exfoliation was the number one most recommended cure followed closely by the use of a face oil.

I was stunned. Despite my penchant for face oils, which I wrote about here, it hadn't even dawned on me to whip one out. It seems that, once I put them away after the winter weather had passed, I closed my mind off from them. Idiot!

Here was where the wonderful Mariga weighed in. Mariga is an Irish skin guru, and I don't use that term lightly, based down in Wexford. She runs the successful Wexford Beauty Salon and has her own line of skincare products, Skin Essentials by Mariga. Mariga very generously doles out excellent skincare advice on Twitter and she suggested that, as well as using a scrub and/or a masque, I finish my skincare routine with a generous layer of facial oil.

Cue all number of pennies dropping, lightbulbs being turned on and bells ringing! Sure, didn't I still have the tail end of Mariga's own-brand Nourishing Oil in my skincare drawer which she had given me to try last year. After some profuse thanks, I skipped off my laptop and to the bathroom where I scrubbed my face using the St Ives Apricot Scrub (Not a fan for general use but, it does give a good heavy duty scrub!) and applied a veil of Nourishing Oil to the offending area between my brows.

I kid you not when I say that I was cured by the next morning. Over the past week or so I have been trying all manner of make-up combinations to see what I can and can't use on the area and, I am happy to report, that everything seems to sit fine, primer and powder included. Colour me impressed!


  1. Will definitely be trying this soon.. after using a strong spot cream it's left my left extremely dry and i've tried everything to get rid of it! Thanks for this post.. maybe my skin will go back to normal now! :)


  2. i use the nourishing oil too. love it xxx

  3. i love using oils and serums when my skin feels blotchy and flakey :D

  4. Oh I'm so glad it sorted you out, thanks for the nice words :)

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  6. I love the St. Ives products, but I can´t buy them in Germany.


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