March 05, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Guide

I’ll be honest, I’m not all that gone on “theme” days. To me, Mother’s Day, like Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day, is a bit of a sorry excuse to give presents, one which has been capitalised on by Hallmark and other opportunistic companies. But sure, don’t we love our Mammies, and if it makes them happy, why not?!

As with Valentine’s, brands pull out the stops every year in the run up to Mothering Sunday (It's the 18th March this year FYI) with pretty gift ideas and treats to lavish upon The Birth Giver. Here’s my edit of the best presents for your mammy!

Yankee Candles

My mam is an eternal fan of Yankee Candles and she receives them, by request, every year for her birthday and Christmas. Usually we go the route of a voucher for her favourite beauty salon for Mother’s Day but, if you’re interested in getting your mammy a Yankee Candle, I strongly recommend ordering from They always have amazing value and great sales and special offers including Fragrances of the Month.

Burt’s Bees Pampering                 

Burt’s Bees is a cult-favourite brand among the beauty set and they have a number of kits in their line-up which would make the perfect Mother’s Day present if your mammy likes pampering herself! The Tips and Toes kit (€15.95) contains a variety of creams and butters to give hands and feet some TLC while the Head to Toe kit (€16.95) boasts a selection of products to care for lips and feet and covers everything in between!

"Chocolates & Roses" from

Bringing a whole new meaning to a gift of chocolates and roses, Irish online beauty store is offering the ultimate present for glamourous, beauty-minded mammies around the country! When you buy a bottle of REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash (€20.00) from Beauty Boutique, you'll get a free full-size Essie polish in Chocolate Kisses worth €11.99!

LUSH Reusable Bubble Bar Wands

LUSH produces some of the most pampering, indulgent treats out there and, especially for Mother's Day, they have created a trio of resusable bubble bar wands; Mum, Mum Tulip and Madame Butterfly (€6.25 each). Also, for €4.50, LUSH have created a Washing Up Fairy Bubble Wand to produce a pile of bubbles and soften hands. Just make sure she knows that you'll do the washing up and aren't just trying to send her a message!

And, if all else fails, a huge bouquet of flowers always goes down a treat!


  1. Will definitely be buying my mom some Yankee Candles. Her birthday also on Mothers Day so have to double up on presents this year haha! :)


    1. Aww! My birthday is the same day as Mother's Day this year too! x

  2. Love those lush goodies. My Mothers bday is two days before Mothers day and with Paddys day in the middle it'll be an expensive weekend!

  3. Great post!! Very helpful! :D


  4. great post, just checked out the yankee website, and ordered some stuff, thanks for the link ladies!áine

  5. Thanks, just bought wedding favours from them for July


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