March 20, 2012

MAC Chen Man & Shop MAC, Cook MAC Lipsticks

I think that MAC lipsticks have to be one of my favourite beauty products of all time. The range of shades and finishes is phenomenal, and the amount of gorgeous limited edition lipsticks that they put out every year just spurs me on even further! This spring MAC have been knocking out some seriously good shades. I could have bought more but stuck to just two because I am a saint, etc etc. 

So here we have them: Force of Love from the Chen Man collection, and Dish It Up from Shop MAC, Cook MAC. I originally went in with the intent of buying Watch Me Simmer, but Force of Love won out when I swatched them side-by-side.. It's a seriously gorgeous pink and deserves as much hype as it can get!

If you have Impassioned, you will love this - they are in the same colour family but Impassioned is a deeper, slightly redder pink. I've worn Force of Love during the day and out at night, and it can definitely work both ways. It's just, well, gorgeous - bright but wearable, especially on paler Irish skintones.

Force Of Love, Dish it Up

Both Sinéad and myself have quite an affinity with purple lipstick. MAC Violetta, a Pro colour, is a shade that we both went mad for last year. If you missed out on that shade when it came out briefly last year, Dish it Up is a great, if slightly more subtle, compromise. Because it's a Lustre finish, the payoff isn'[t quite as bold initially, but it can be built up easily. I actually really like Lustres as they aren't as drying as Mattes or Amplified Cremes, but still wear really well. 

I'm actually pretty suprised at how little people have been talking about Dish it Up, as I think it would suit a multitude of people. I love it paired with a light grey smokey eye for night, or with just mascara for day. Can you tell that I'm obsessed?!

Dish it Up, Force Of Love


  1. currently also crazy for Force of Love. Can hardly prize it off my kisser

    1. Oh god it's so nice. I put a Clarins lipgloss on top of it the other day which made it even more gorgeous!

  2. I'm completely addicted to MAC lipsticks too and think dish it up looks amazing! Definitely thinking about getting this one, I love purple toned lipsticks!

    1. It's so nice, a very pinky-purple, and the finish is really comfortable to wear x

  3. Wow. I'm feeling great gra for's just as well I need to plan a trip to visit a MAC counter or I would be very very broke...not just very broke like I am now! :)

  4. force of love looks amazing x

  5. Is it bad that when I went in, I swatched Force of Love and Watch Me Simmer, couldn't decide on which I liked best, so bought both?!


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